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10 Ways To Boost Your E-zine Subscribers

1. Show your potential subscribers a sample issue
of your e-zine. Black out some of the important
info; this will make them more curious & subscribe.

2. Give away a free follow-up autoresponder course.
Publish your e-zine ad in each lesson. The more
people see it, the higher the chance they’ll subscribe.

3. Offer your potential customers a discount on a
particular product you sell if they subscribe to your
free e-zine.

4. Give other businesses permission to give a free
subscription to your e-zine as a bonus for a product
they sell.

5. Ask your potential subscribers questions that’ll
persuade them to subscribe like: “Would you like to
be able to retire before you’re 40?”

6. Write your e-zine’s ad to sound like it is common
sense to subscribe. For example: “Everyone knows
you have to…”

7. Assume people are going to instantly subscribe to
your e-zine. For example: “Dear Healthy Subscriber”
They will want to subscribe in order to feel healthy.

8. Allow your subscribers to collect stuff from each
issue of your e-zine. It could be ebooks or software.
They’ll tell others and those people will subscribe.

9. Tell people what their friends or family might say
as a result of them of learning what’s in your e-zine.
People care about what other people think of them.

10. Make people feel like it’s their idea to subscribe,
they will be less hesitant. Tell them in your ad “You
are making a smart decision for subscribing”.

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