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11 Hot Tips to Make Google Adwords Pay – Part 2

Have you tried Google Adwords and watched your money go
down the drain faster than you ever thought possible? This
is the second in three articles about how to make Google
Adwords work for you instead of watching your hard earned
money go to Google Adwords.

Hot Tip # 4 – Edit your campaign with negative keywords

Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing up in
searches that you don’t want such as “free widgets”. This
helps prevent wasted clicks which tend to do nothing but
cost you money. If you only sell red and blue widgets then
you should add yellow as a negative keyword. You make a
search negative by using the minus sign i.e. “-yellow”.

Hot Tip # 5 – Go with your gut

If you are using a tool such as Google Adwords’ Traffic
Estimator, realize that it is known for returning less than
accurate results for your keyword. Don’t let that be your
decision maker.

Adwords Traffic Estimator is not accurate for narrowly
defined keywords phrases or “niche” words. Go with your
instincts and try it out. Fortunes have been made by people
who are willing to march to a different drummer.

Automated systems are helpful but they are far from perfect.

Hot Tip # 6 – Run lots of keywords

Start out with lots of keyword phrases and monitor them.
Not all people think the same so not all people are going
to use the same search phrases. This way you will catch
people who you normally wouldn’t catch. If you find that
you are getting few or no clicks, then pare them like you
would the branches on a tree.

Remember to use the exact keyword matches and negative
keywords when doing this.

Hot Tip # 7 – Rotate your ads and split test

Google lets you have more than one ad for your ad group.
It then rotates them and keeps track of which ad gets the
higher CTR. Google Adwords will then begin to show that ad
more often than the ad with lower CTRs.

The best way to do this is to test and run only two ads at
a time. This way you can tightly manage your variables.
Some tests have shown several hundred percent changes in
click through rates just by switching around the first and
second lines of an ad.

If you start split testing more than two ads at a time,
the variables will quickly get out of control.

Hot Tip # 8 – Be Darwinian

Once you have identified that one version of your ad
doesn’t work as well as the other version, get rid of it.
Now make the stronger ad your baseline and run another ad
against it to see which is the stronger. What you are
trying to do is improve your ad.

What is the correct sample for testing ads? Top experts
say that 50 clicks may be enough but 100 clicks is better.
A larger sample gives more accuracy. You, of course, know
what your budget will allow for.

This is a continuous process that will strengthen your CTR
rates and gain more customers at a continuing lower cost.

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