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5 Little-Known Secrets To Writing Articles That Beckon 1000s Of Visitors

Let’s talk about writing articles that can bring tons
visitors to your site, thus more profits.

I know you’ve thought about it, and probably said, “Nah, I
am not a writer”. Well, there’s a writer in all of us, and
writing articles to gain expert status as well as targeted
traffic is so important.

You have to write articles that will engage your reader and
hold their attention all the way through, as opposed to the
usual “clicking and fleeing”.

Have you ever clicked and fled? If yes, then you know how
it feels like being the reader.

This is what happens when your eyes are weary of the
internet information overload. You click on an article that
is so copy- heavy; it makes your brain groan from the pain
of reading all that information.

You do not want this to happen to someone who is reading
your stuff, do you?

So do not bombard your readers with words. Granted that you
know every single word in the dictionary. But that is not a
reason to try and put all that in one material.

Here are five tips to help you create articles that are
super-tight and can beckon thousands of visitors that you
are the one being bombarded.

1. Keep it short.

The article websites say to keep your articles under 800
words, but it is really difficult to control yourself when
an article concept is blowing around in your head and
wanting release. If it is any consolation, 500-1,000 words
is okay. Just remember that if you start rambling, your
reader would not stay with you very long.

So keep it short and straight to the point.

2. Pace and balance.

Some people who write short articles start with a slow and
intriguing buildup, but then cut the reader off at the end.
This may keep the number of words down, but the sudden
anti-climactic ending makes for lousy reading.

Do not leave your reader high and dry. Write a quick
summary of each paragraph, then develop each one with three
or four supporting sentences. Close with a motivating call
to action.

3. Break it up.

An article that is broken up into sections is so much
easier on the eyes than one with long paragraphs of copy.

For this reason, the How-To, “7 Tips” and Q&A are immensely
popular. Use sub headlines in bold type to help guide their
eyes down the page.

If you can offer your content-hungry article prospects some
great, well-paced copy that will look fantastic on their
specialty niche website, you can be sure your articles will
get great exposure and readership.

4. Focus on the customer.

Of course, your article content will come from your own
experiences. But instead of saying, “I know this guy who”
and “When I designed my website,” you can project your
story onto the customer.

It helps to address the reader and ask questions: “Ever
find yourself buried under piles of paperwork?”. Writing is
all about the reader. Keep that in mind always.

5. Include a call to action.

If you word your articles in just the right way, you can
really inspire your key customer to take action without
making them feel pressured.

Tap their wants and needs, offer solutions, and then spur
them on to make a change for the better. Of course, the
solution is to get in touch with you. Do this subtly in
your article, and then do it again with a bit more volume
in your conclusion and bio.

“Visit us today to find out how great copywriting can make
a world of difference for your business!” is a classic
example. Easy, is it not?

In general, it helps to visualize the article reaching its
final destination.

If your article is about cooking, then imagine it on
someone else’s cooking website.

Now imagine the reader, taking in your story. What would
they want to read about? How can the visual presentation
keep them riveted on your words, so they can make it to the
end where your bio and URL link is? How can you get them to
click that link?

If you do get wrapped up in the joyous act of article
writing, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Just remember to keep your eye on the prize and the purpose
why you are writing these articles in the first place. Your

The ones who are reading what you have written.

Gabriel Aguinaga is a professional Internet marketer who
devotes a great deal of time helping young marketers reach
expert status in record time. Visit his website to learn
how he can help you become a more professional marketer
almost instantly.

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