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5 Ways to Make Your Blog a Failure

Wordpress Blogging SoftwareThere are many things that a blogger should do when they start a new blog, but there are also a few things that will almost ensure failure. Here is a brief list of a few things that will almost ensure that your blog never gets off the ground.

Don’t post regularly – this is a great one if you want your new readers to never return to the site and to make sure that the search engines take their time indexing you. Posting once a week or less ensures that your readers rarely find anything new on your site and makes them go to others sites to find what they are looking for.

Post About Anything You Feel Like – People will read sites because they are interested in a niche. There are not many people who can draw and keep and audience by writing about their private musing on life. Sites that stick to a tightly defined niche or category will usually outperform sites that have more general themes.

Don’t Post on Related Blogs – If you avoid commenting constructively on similar blogs to your own then you abandon one of the best ways to draw traffic that is already interested in your topic. By creating a sense of community with bloggers in a similar niche you are helping grow that niche together – there are very few niches that aren’t big enough for more than one blog.

Steal Content – So it’s difficult to always come up with your own stuff for your new blog – yup, that’s just part of blogging. But taking other’s content from their blogs (even ones with creative commons licenses) will get you a very bad name in your niche very quickly. You need to come up with your own stuff. Sure, you can quote other blogs, but make sure you add your own value to the story.

Don’t Worry About Search Engine Optimization – Sure some people were lucky enough to draw massive amounts of traffic from search engines without ever having heard of Search Engine Optimization, but they are a minority. You need to know at least the basics, which means putting keywords in your titles, in your first sentence, bolded, italicized and then throughout your stories. Lots of incoming links don’t hurt either. Do all of this and you will start to get traffic from the search engines.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many things you can do to damage the chances of success for your blog. But these are some of the main ones that you need to avoid. For more tips on blogs don’t forget to check out

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