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7 Tips For Better Blogging

According to the most recent estimates, there are currently nearly 150 million blogs online. So therefore, there is a blog on every topic imaginable. With such a crowded blogosphere, what can you do to separate yourself from the crowd?

It”??s pretty simple: just be a better blogger. And believe it or not, better blogging isn’t brain surgery. Here are 7 tips to get you started.

1. Blog like you talk (be yourself!)”?” Blogging is all about communicating and relating to your audience. The best way to do this is simply to be yourself. Ok, this advice sounds a little motivational speaker like, but it”??s true. See, the only way you can truly be different than the millions of other bloggers is to be yourself. This means blogging as you would actually talk. Give your honest opinions, and never be insincere. Your readers will respect you for it, and you”??ll start to carve out your own path in the crowded blogosphere.

2. Show passion for your topic”?” Maintaining a blog is a long, tedious process. You have to update your blog several times a week for as long as the blog is active. That”??s why you need to make sure you”??re blogging about something you really care about. If not, you”??ll start to lose interest after a couple of months (if you can even last that long), and eventually, your blog will fade away.

3. Update your blog on a regular basis”?”
To be a successful blogger, you first need loyal readers. The only way to build a loyal following is to be an active blogger who posts regularly. See, if you wait weeks between each post, your followers will lose interest, unsubscribe, and never come back. Update your blog regularly with interesting content to keep your reader base interested and growing.

4. Never write filler content”?”
Given the last tip, this one might be a bit difficult. You want to update your blog on a regular basis, but you also want to make sure you only publish great content. So, never write a post simply for the sake of updating your blog. Publishing poor-quality content can actually be more damaging than not updating at all. If writer”??s block is your problem, try reading through your comments, browsing other blogs, and taking a look at an industry-news site to generate ideas for a new post. If you still don”??t have any ideas, take a day off and try again tomorrow.

5. Relevancy is key”?”
Take a look at the front page of Digg, ReddIt, or any other social media site. What”??s the one thing in common among most of the posts on the front page? They”??re all relevant and timely. See, the most popular blogs are the ones that discuss the latest topics in their niche. If you”??re writing about topics that have been old hat for a while, you”??ll have a difficult time attracting readers. However, if you show your readers you”??re offering them the latest, cutting-edge information, they”??ll see you as a valuable resource in your field.

6. Dig deeper than other bloggers”?”
Now, in your quest to remain relevant, you”??ll probably find yourself trying to be among the first to cover a new story. But there”??s just no way you can be the first every time. So, if you can”??t be the first, be the best. This means digging deeper than other bloggers. Ask the questions that other bloggers aren”??t asking. Approach these stories with a new angle that no one else has done yet. By focusing on being the best rather than the first, you”??ll be able to have success in your field.

7. Build relationships with your followers”?”
When it comes down to it, being a successful blogger requires building relationships with your readers. If your readers feel a connection with you, they”??ll keep coming back. How can you build relationships with your readers? Simply respond thoughtfully to their comments. Engage in meaningful discussions with them in the comments section and show them that you respect their opinions.

You really can be successful blogging, even in the most crowded niche. It just takes a focused effort on your part to stand out from the rest of your fellow bloggers.

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