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Are Product Resell Rights a Viable Money Maker?

If your inbox is anything like mine, you’ve probably recieved your fair share of Product Resale Rights offers. Often times you’ll be offered anywhere from one to a hundred or more products, ranging in price from $17 to $500. Trying to figure out “What You’re Allowed To Do” with them can be a confusing process.

If your package comes with Basic Resale Rights, it will give you the right to resell it and that’s usually it. Most of the time it comes with it’s own sales page, which all you need to do is add your payment link and upload it to your web host. It is also the least expensive. Your probability of profit is increased since it virtually cost you nothing to get started. Basic rights range in price from $17 to $97 and are very easy to profit from. However, this option is not generally viral since you don’t have the right to claim it as your own or give it away. It must be sold and can’t be included in another package or sold in Auction Sites. These restrictions are defined in the “Read Me File” contained in the zip file in your download.

If your package comes with Master Resell Rights. It will also come with its own sales page. Your options are increased with this package. You will have the right to resell it, bundle it with other products, sell it at auction sites or give it away. It will usually cost more than the Basic Rights since you have the right to do more than the Basic Rights. You will also get everything you need to get your site up and running. On occasion it will come with marketing tools such as banner graphics, solo ads, classified ads, etc.

If your package comes with Private Label Rights, one particular type of private label rights gives you the right to claim it as your own. It is generally ready made and the only changes you can make is to put your name on it.

Another type of Private Label Rights is not a finished ready to sell product. All you get with this one is the raw source code. Usually in an MS Word document. This will require someone a bit more advanced in their ability to design and set up either a web page or insert the information in ebook format. This type basically gives you the right to do just about anything you want with it. You can change it, claim it, add to it or omit parts of it. Selling the Master resale rights and resell rights may also be an option. See what the terms and conditions say.

As with any product or service you decide to sell on the Internet you’re going to need to look at some things.

• Is this product or similar product being searched for?

• If so, how many?

• If the product is being searched for a kazillion times, chances are you’ll encounter some pretty stiff competition and it’s probably not a wise choice.

• Have you seen similar products on the web?

Resell Rights are a great alternative to creating your own products. You’re going to need some basic skills such as, the ability to edit the html in your pages, use an FTP program to upload the pages to the web. Yo”l need a web host and domain name to upload them to. If you posess these basic skills you’re ready to make money with your newly acquired Resell Rights package.

Devise your marketing plan to include pay per click ads, ezine ads, writing articles, joint ventures, and publishing your own newsletter.

It won’t be long before you’ve got customers coming out of the woodwork. If success is what you’re after, “Get to Work”. There are no free lunches on or off the web. Despite what you’re bombarded with. There’s no “Get Rich” without doing any work programs. If you find one, please send it to me.

To Your Ultimate Success!
Art Luff

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