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Article Distribution

Article Distribution
Copyright 2006 Javier Salces

Article distribution is a time honored and reliable method of
traffic generation.

It is similar to viral product promotion in the sense that your
links will spread across multiple channels. Your job is to write
high quality articles that other site owners want to use to buff
up their content offerings.

When you submit an article, you remain the copyright holder.

All you’re doing is granting permission for reprints. Each article
you submit should have what’s known as a byline or resource
box. This is just a brief piece of text at the end of your article
where you write a short “about the author” description of you
and/or your web site and include your URLs.

Articles can net you great exposure in more than one way.

You’ll definitely gain exposure through reprints when other
marketers use your article for web site or eZine content.
You’ll also gain leverage in the search engines! The more
articles you submit on the same theme, the more often your
articles will come up as top listings for related keywords.

This is a bonus that many people overlook. Try to compose
your articles with keyword optimization in mind and see what

Here’s a quick reference list of sites to submit your articles to:

Mix and Match Your Bylines*

Once you begin submitting articles and realize their power,
you’ll probably come up with all sorts of creative ideas.

You don’t always have to link to your main index page in
your byline.You can link instead to your newsletter opt-in
page or even insert your autoresponder address with
subscription instructions.

You can also use articles as a type of “pre-sell” for various
affiliate products.

If there’s a reason you aren’t collecting leads and would prefer
to send traffic direct to the merchant’s page, your article can
serve as the pre-sell content you’d normally send out to a list,
but with the potential for reaching a broader audience.

In fact, if you choose, you could submit an entire follow up
series of articles to an article syndication site, and just drop
your affiliate URL (cloaked, of course!) into the byline at the
end of each one.

Final Tip*

When you compose your articles, do so with a degree of
keyword optimization in mind.

Article syndication sites often come up higher in rankings to
being with due to the vast amounts of content they serve.

Therefore, individual article pages properly optimized for
keyword targeting can ride on the site’s higher ranking.
Remember: you’ve got a link to your site in your byline.
Even though your URL isn’t technically the one popping
up in the listings, you’re effectively creating a virtual ranking
for yourself. Searchers who click on the article link will no
doubt click on your link at the article’s end as well.

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Javier Salces provides software and info-products for effective
online marketing. His brand new Article submitter software can
submit your articles to the top articles directory sites automatically.

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