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Article Marketing: the new web marketing frontier that works!

The ‘article marketing’ starts off in USA and spreads out rapidly due to its fundamental features as immediacy, web popularity and striking traffic building.

What is article marketing?

It is nothing but editorial article and press release issuing on the most different activities in order to promote initiatives, partnerships, studies and products on a global level by means of publishing portals and networks.

This kind of publishing allows everybody to extrapolate and re-publish (entirely and quoting the source with a link) articles and contents on personal websites or blogs that deal with the same themes (a sort of free database of contents!)

How to do ‘article marketing’ ?

Today is online website, entirely dedicated to the free publishing (and re-publishing) of institutional press release and editorial articles.

Who are PR-Press Release targeted users?

Anyone whose interest is to spread his/her own innovations and company news or any web master looking for up-to-date and appealing contents for their websites (submit your article).

How can I get an account and publish my articles?

Simply visit PR-Press Release, send an email to the specific address and in a short time you will be notified with the relevant info that enable you to publish your company’s press releases.

Here you can find breaking news, past announcements, background information, PR-PressRelease contacts and articles search engine.

News and press release distribution services for company and business marketing, corporate public relations and investor relationsFeature Articles, government and organizational communications.

A great free article marketing opportunity you can’t miss!

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This article was written by Michele De Capitani editor amministrator of Press release Free Submit.

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