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Blogging – Whats in it for You?

Is making money blogging even possible, and a full-time income at that?

Well, I have been reading an E-book that talks all about making money blogging.

The title of this book is ‘Blogging to the Bank,’ written by Rob Benwell.

According to this book, making money doesn’t necessarily come from blogging insomuch as it comes from advertisements (affiliate links, etc.) optimally placed in and around your blog. You also have to have a specific focus for your blog, one that people will want to read about.

Of course, you can have more than one blog talking about more than one topic, but the money seems to be in focused/targeted topics. It is a somewhat aggressive approach to blogging since you are actually having to blog about topics that will make you money. That way you will get targeted traffic to your site, traffic that will more than likely click on your links (Google adsense links, affiliate links, etc.) since they are interested in the information in your blog.

That is where the blogging money is. This book very simply explains what I would consider very advanced techniques on how to get your site search engine optimized (Woohoo…I just learned about this – SEO) and how to get targeted traffic to your site. It even goes step by step in demonstrating how to select the right market and affiliate program that will guarantee huge commissions with your blog or blogs.

Now I personally don’t like the word “guarantee”, but I have jumped in and after reading this book am willing to find out if it’s true. I have not completely implemented all of the steps into my blog experience, but it is certainly part of my plan over the next few days.

I am sure this is an e-book that anyone wanting to learn about making money blogging would be interested in!

Elizabeth Amaro

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