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Consistency Keeps Traffic Returning

To-day we are goig to discuss the importance of having the design of a web site focus on one theme.  This helps to make the visitors feel comfortable and brings more visitors to the web site, because consistency keeps traffic returning.

One of the mistakes many online companies make is trying to be too much to too many people. By dividing their websites into different areas, even though they may be related, can cause confusion to the site’s visitors and prevent them from returning or in giving a referral to their friends or business associates.By focusing your site on the one thing you do really well, and keeping the same theme throughout the website, can create a consistency that visitors feel comfortable with.

Comfort, as all business owners know, creates trust and trust creates sales and return visitors. Your landing page is your chance to make a good first impression. Visitors who have to wait for the page to load, despite the glorious graphics display that awaits them, will probably hit the stop loading key after several seconds of waiting.Consistency in your web site design also helps create your brand and the design and color scheme should also carry into your offline presence.

If you use business cards or other printed materials, they should reflect the same theme as you have on your web site. This of course will not be possible if you are using a flash presentation as your landing page. However, since they can be slow to load on some systems, you probably want to minimize the use of flash on the site’s opening page.Keep relevant information on your web site consistent with message you are sending your customers.

If your product is being touted as a top quality product, do not attempt to undercut the competition. Sell it for what it is. By trying to beat all comers on pricing your brand may quickly become associated with cheap products. It is highly unlikely that you will be known as the company that sells high quality at lower than discount and trying to raise prices later will create a backlash from which you may never recover.

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