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Content Doesn’t Matter if You Don’t Want Traffic to Your Site

3 Quick Tips to Using Content to Gain More Traffic to Your Site.

I’m afraid you’ve heard the truth too many times already.  ”Content, content and more content” is what you need to get traffic to your site.  But, of course, it’s not just any content.  First of all, it has to be valuable content.  Not just “yack-yack”.  Who’s really going to come back for more of that?   Secondly, the content should apply to whatever you sell or offer. 

Here’s three quick tips on using content for your home business: 

1. Use content to gain repeat visits to your site.  Please don’t sink your head in the sand.  It’s true.  Find all the freebie places to advertise, but it will never be as valuable as spending your time researching and writing worthy content for your site.  If you have a direct sales company website, then make it a priority to create your own website.  Don’t wait!  You’ll be missing out on an opportunity to brand yourself, collect leads, and add your own content to your site.  Add “valuable” content that will get your visitors begging for more.   Here are three ways that you can start:

2.  Use content to establish yourself as an expert in your field.  You can brand yourself by choosing a particular niche to work on.  Study and learn all you can.  Soak up all the information you can find on the subject.   Learn from your own errors as well and share this knowledge.  People may like to learn what to do, but they also like to learn what “not” to do as well. So, sharing your successes and mistakes will help your readers connect with you.  Here’s some ways to share your knowledge:

3.  Use content to market your site.  Try “un-advertising” for while.  While many may like to spend their day posting ads for their home business, it really will not get you the attention you’re seeking as much as spending your time making genuine efforts to get to know others and help others.   A couple of ways to share your content with others:

Content still reigns when it comes to gaining interest from other internet users.  Train yourself to think “content” first and find unique ways to offer your content.   If you’re stuck on ideas, spend time browsing other sites. Take note on what interests you the most as well as what bores you the most.  Of course, I shouldn’t have to clarify which ideas you should use.  You’ve got the right idea.  New, freshFind Article, interesting content is as refreshing as a freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie…”something worthy to bite into”.

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