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Search Engine Optimization and Website customization Tips

People highly search for Search engine optimization , better PageRank in Google etc. Infact I too was one of them , I would like to state some common tips I came across for increasing page rank and better listing in Search Engines.

It`s where your site`s existense is , if you make a page and tell a friend or 2 nothing happens no one will know about your site.
Get links to your site from wherever possible, if you have 5 links to your site not only people will come to you from 5 locations , you are making it known to search engine`s as it crawls to your site 5 different locations and you`re indirectly increasing your google pagerank too.

PR distribution can be blocked by adding rel=”nofollow” in the url tag.

Using sitemap is a great way to get users what they want , If a visitor is lost he can easily find out the way using a sitemap. It`s like the “You Are Here” boards at parks etc.
Usually website`s using flash as thier menu`s and links should use this as this is the only alternative to get linked for search engine bots. But make sure to make the sitemap short, as search engines may not crawl the high size files for too long that is just few links get crawled.
If you’re still concerned about your page’s file size, maybe you should look into converting your site’s code to XHTML/CSS, which has been known to reduce file sizes by up to 60%.

Rich Content
The more the content , more will be the people coming to your site .
Suppose a person searches for keyword “Hosting” , and one of your site`s page have the word “Hosting” then your site page gets listed in the search . now if you update content of your site according to the need of the users obviously your page will get more hits . Getting hits inditerectly means that u make money `cause as many people browse through ads to ads .
Offer as much as you can to your visitors, this is the only way you can make your visitor come again & again, If you`re site is a mobile information site give the user some free tone`s and mobile software and make a promise to add more later .

Google PageRank
Better Pagerank means better Hits ,

Layout ?
I`ve seen people leave site`s just because it`s not good at eye . not everyone looks for content, some may be browsing just for fun but still you can`t afford to miss them. Some users even have a feeling that only people with good content can come up with a cool site . And I do suggest you to have a joke page or some light / sweet content on you site.

PHP and Google
Google hate`s php ?
Can`t say … but google does not list php files of every site . That is If you have a url ending with blah.php?topic=1&view=23 then google will only list the one blah.php file . SO you need to make it a HTML page or user mod rewrite in CMS.

Hosting & Domains
Always host from a Reliable host , which has a good customer service and the one which you have access anytime (`cause you don`t know when you need them) . Check if it has enough speed and no downtime . Downtime can lead your site to heavy loss as it might be the time a customer comes or the search engine crawls. You can monitor your site from uptime checkers like uppanel etc.
When you buy domains buy something related to what your going to buy like it`s a bit odd when you have your name in domain and have a hosting site.

For an professional look you need your webpage content to be seperated, while writing an article use tag for headings. Search engine spiders identifies this as an topic of the given article.
Not only that it is good for search engine`s , users will find the pages easy to navigate through. If you find the tag a bit odd for your design , then use CSS to change the look . Search engine spiders don`t take CSS while crawling, So you can fake it to look like the default.

Keywords are very essential no matter what your website relates to. One can say that it`s all matter of keywords that brings visitors to a website. Usually it`s hard to say what keyword a user might search , but still you guess a bit . There is a Keyword Selector Tool from Overture which tells the highest search realted to the keyword, this tool helps a lot in making a SE friendly website.
Another is from Google : Google AdWords Keyword Tool helps you make out possible keywords for your site , it`s actually same as overtures from Yahoo


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