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Test of the email notification plugin when a new post is made

Have installed a very nice plugin that allows blog readers to subscribe to my blog so that they recieve an email when-ever a new post is made.

So far I cant seem to get it to work correctly. Everything works except the email notifications which are not being sent at all. After having a read of the WordPress forums and also reading the plugin author’s webpage it would appear that the problem is caused by the forward dating option in WordPress.

Have made a few posts to blog, and now I will just wait and see if it works latter tonight when the posts have been online a few hours. Did make a few alterations to the plugin code as suggested in the forums, but no luck as yet.

Now its just a case of wait and see.


Ended up using a very easy to install pluggin for email notification called Subscriber2 and also used the Cron Plugin by the same Author. Now I can send a daily list of new posts to my subscribers… all done automatically.

The installation went very easily and everything worked the first time. The Subscriber2 can also be placed in the sidebar like on this website if you make a few changes to the code. View my source code for a clue.

Jaron… Pro Blog Tips

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