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Hide Product Download Page Using Noindex Nofollow Meta Tags

One of the big problems that any webmaster who produces digital products to sell on the web has to overcome is… download theft. This will happen if you don’t take steps to hide your download page from the Search Engines spiders.

The last thing you want is for your new download page to your brand new digital product being indexed by Google and displayed in the Search Engine results. Anyone can then find your product download page, and download your product without having to pay for it

Help is at hand though, and there is a way to prevent your download page being discovered.

Stop Web Spiders from Indexing your Page. Disallow search engine spiders from reading and listing the download pages that link to your products and add the following in the HEAD of the document. This "Robot" tag tells the web spider not to index and search your page. It will never show up on a search…


To view an example of how the "noindex, nofollow" meta tag works you should checkout the video at the top of this webpage.

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