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Kodak Zi8 Chroma Keying Test

Normally when I have to create a video clip that requires chroma keying I’d use my Canon XH A1. Today I felt like having a go at using the Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera that I’ve been testing for audio quality.

The results I got were pretty good considering the cost of this little camera. The video sample clip is only very short, but it does give you a chance to see just how good this little video camera performs.

Video transcript :

Welcome to Pro Blog Tips video tutorials. In this edition were going to do some Chroma Keying of a video clip we recorded using a Kodak Zi8 camera. Its a little HD video camera that you can pick-up on the market these days for around 270 dollars.

An excellent camera for doing little “run and gun” video shoots. And.. one of the things I would like to test was to see how it chroma keys, so were going to be doing that this afternoon, in this video clip.

Thats all for today.

Thanks for watching Pro Blog Tips video tutorials.

My name is Jaron.

And we’ll speak again to you soon.

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