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Private Label Rights PLR Explained : Part One

Welcome to Pro Blog Tips video tutorials, and episode number one in our six part series on Private Label Rights products. That’s all coming up next, straight after the break.

Video Transcript…

Hi… in this video series were going to be talking about making Private Label Rights products unique, so the PLR stands for Private Label Rights products.

So what are Private Label Rights Products?. Well Private Label Rights Products allows you to claim authorship of that certain product. So lets say for example we have a Private Label article, they give you Private Label Rights to that article. Basically all that means is that somebody has written that article and they are acting as a ghost writer, meaning that you can stamp your name on that article as the author.

At the same time you can change the article to what ever way you like. So basically Private Label Rights whether you using articles, ebooks, videos or audio or other things like software or source code, and you don’t have enough time or money to hire someone to write the content you need… private Label Rights is a great place to start. Its also a great way to break down writers block, especially if your trying to write an article and you just don’t know where to start… sitting there for fifteen or twenty minutes and you have written an intro but you just cant continue, that’s a great time to buy Private Label Rights to articles that are similar to that niche.

Now here’s the big problem here!. You might be asking, there’s so many other people purchasing the some Private Label Products, lets say for example Private Label Rights articles and a hundred other people, even a thousand other people purchase Rights to that specific Private Label Rights article, how can you compete with them?

Now I will say this, the majority of people will stamp there name on it and they will use the Private Label Article as is. They will not do anything to change the article, or things like that. They will simply stamp there name on it, and maybe do a little changes here and there, but as far as the main content goes, even if the change the keywords and they don’t change the rest, then your going to be part of that bigger crowd.

So to stand out from all the crowd, and to compete with them, its easy. Basically you use private Label Rights products simply to use as an idea. As a starting point so that you can get over, whether its writers block, idea block or whatever, But you change it so that its very different. You can change the graphic, you can change the content. If it’s a video you can change the intro screens, audio. If its software you can change other little things of it by using the main idea. And the main idea allows you toonot have to start from scratch and you can continue on from that point. So basically it allows you to save time and save a lot of money. Because to hire someone to write an article can range anywhere from three to ten dollars. You can talk about writing an eBook from scratch from anywhere from a hundred to several hundred to a thousand dollars.

Or a software program can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand so were talking about a lot of money you can save and a lot of time, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

So here’s what you just learned… PLR products that are unique, have higher conversion rates. With that in mind lets move ahead.

Another thing that I want to talk about, that you can shape Private Label Rights products into any shape or form you like. Think about it, say your looking at Private Label Rights articles… your looking at ten, twenty articles that are in the same related sub niche, and you can put them all together, as a Report, as an eBook and you want to change it around dramatically so that they become a unique eBook. Add you own experiences, and things like that.

You can also take it, take the articles, take the eBooks, split it up into Reports. You can take the Reports and turn it into video’s. You can take articles and turn them into audio articles. Take the ideas of eBooks or Reports or Videos and turn them into source code or things like that.

Thats the wanderous part of Private Label Rights Products. Its the idea that matters the most, its not exactly the stuff that’s in it, buts it’s the idea that you can carry forth and do many things.

Now its always good to check out the license before you buy the Private Label Rights Products because this will tell you what you can and cant do. So you want to know what your objectives are first. But if you know what your objectives are first, then you can go ahead with your goal.

Alright, so before we move into the actual video’s were actually talking about articles, eBooks, audio eBooks, things like that. I’m going to talk briefly about tools that you need before getting started with those video’s. Of course with anything like Private Label Articles, Private Label Rights books, I would recommend basically some sort of tool, some editing software, anything like Microsoft Word, Open Office which is free and things like that.

So basically anything that can edit any eBook you looking at, any article your looking at and things like that. Its fairly simple, you don’t need anything that’s complex or things like that.

Now when you dive into things like say Private Label Rights audio books, and lets say you want to add music to it. Now it depends on you whether you use Camtasia Studio and that’s fine. If you use Camtasia Studio you can pretty much compliment using that and dealing with Private Label Rights Video’s later. So if you get that one tool it pretty much cover audio articles, audio eBooks, Private Label Video’s and things like that.

Now, in this video I’m going to asume that, lets try to stick with a lot of free tools, so to lower your costs. So say that your dealing with Private Label Audio eBooks, I would highly recommend that you use a program called Audacity. I’m going to use Audacity in these tutorials in video number four where we talk about Private Label Audio eBooks or audio Articles. And that is a free tool, that’s a really good tool, and let me show you how it looks like…

Ok, so I’m going to go to Google here, so you can see what I’m typing in. if you go to Audacity here, as you can see here, and you’ll notice that theres a free audio editor and recorder. So if you go there, or you go straight to the download link, as you can see here.

You can go ahead and download it, whether you use Windows or Macintosh or Linux, just download the file. Download the stable version of course. And what your going to need is this file, which is basically  the instalation file and your going to need the Lame MP3 encoder. The reason why you need that is that Audacity once you convert to a file that’s what Audacity is going to use to convert what ever audio into MP3. So download this file, and this file and that’s it.

The next thing were going to look at is Private Label Video’s, as I recommended earlier camtasia Studio is the best way, the best route to go. So I’ll actaully go over Camtasia Studio with you. However to keep your costs down low I’m going to use Windows Movie Maker as far as editing goes on Private Label Video’s. So that we can keep your options open, things like that. We’ll type that here.

And next we have Private Label Source Code for Private Label Software. Simply put, what that is, is basically software, or people give you the rights to edit the software. Now most people don’t know what to do with private Label Source Code, they simply stamp there name on it and start selling it.

Which is great, and it’s a little different to Private Label Articles, because your sort of reselling the product. Now Private Label Source Code generally is higher in costs, or you can sell it for more just because it’s a bit of software. And software is generally a higher perceived value.

Now the big question is? what tools do you need!. You don’t need any tools, in fact Private Label Source Code I would highly recommend you hire a software programmer. And I’ll show you how you can hire a software programmer for cheap.

There are ways of communicating with Programmers in a fashion where if it sounds easy to them, the cheaper they give you, a cheaper quote. If it sounds to complicated, if you say something like.. clone this, or clone that, or I want something similar to that, then most likely the Programmer is going to give you a price that is five or ten times higher than what you should be paying. So I’ll show you several tips and tricks to go about that as a Software Developer myself.

So lets go ahead and move on… in the next video’s two, three, four, five and six, I’ll take different types of Private Label Rights products.

Private Label Articles in video two, Private Label eBooks in video three, Private Label Audio eBooks in video four, Private Label Video’s in video five, and Private Label Source Code in video six.

So I’ll be taking each individual type of Private Label Rights PLR and we’ll show you how you can make them unique… step by step. So that you can profit of them individually, and increase your conversions.

Note From Webmaster

This six part video series on Private Label Rights Explained contains a huge amount of information on how to overcome writers block, and get yourself motivated to make money online. Its video training tutorials like these ones’ that helped me to become a full-time professional webmaster. Reading text based articles when learning is old school… video is now the way to go. Click the button below to check out the price of this six part video series on Private Label Rights. The motivation it will give you to be a better webmaster is well worth the price alone.

Private Label Rights Explained

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