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eBook Covers – Why They’re A Must For Every eBook Publisher!

The world of ebook marketing is becoming more and more competitive each and every day, new ebooks are entering the market at mind-blowing speeds and competition is becoming tougher and tougher by the second.

The increased market saturation within the ebook marketing feild also brings a need for you to stay on top of your internet marketing promotions and campaigns, it’s also becoming harder and harder everyday to maintain solid sales growth whilst positioning yourself above your competitors.

So how can you be sure to stay on top and conquer your market?

In this article I am going to discuss the importance of branding online and the use of ebook covers and mini site graphics to help you build a world class brand that will remain in your visitors and customers’ minds for years to come.

In this article I will be covering the following topics:

• Why eCovers are important for building credibility.
• Why Mini Site Graphics are crucial for branding.
• Why most “eCover Generators” are a waste of money and disc space.
• Where to get professional mini site graphics designed.

Why eCovers Are Important For Building Credibility:

You can’t just rely solely on sales copy to deliver your sales message. The more sensory elements you implement into your sales page the better. By using a professionally designed eBook cover you will be playing upon your visitors’ visual sensory perception alongside your sales copy which will help to persuade your visitors and increase your chances of converting that visitor into a customer.

Whether you’re selling an eBook or simply trying to capture a visitor’s details by giving away an eBook – you should always include an image of a virtual eBook cover.

In a recent study I conducted on a lead capture page I found that my conversion rates were over 10% higher when I used an eBook cover image in comparison to a page that only included sales copy. We are talking about a huge number if you consider sending 1000’s of unique visitors to a lead capture page every day.

Now here is where credibility comes into play…

When a visitor lands on your sales page you want to induce a sense of trust and confidence in them don’t you? You want them to put all of their faith into you and you’re not going to achieve this by presenting them a substandard, unstructured and rather ugly sales page.

You need to build credibility, you want your visitors to be saying “hey, this guy is the real deal – look at all the effort he has gone to, maybe I will take him up on this offer!” and the only way you can do this is by going about your sales page in the most professional manner possible. This means exploiting all sensory elements – visual (graphics), sound (audio), sales copy (emotions) and if you can – video as well.

Then – and only then – can you be certain that you’ll be attracting confidence and trust-driven visitors who are more willing to convert into paying customers.

Why Mini Site Graphics Are Crucial For Branding:

A big mistake that is so often made by even the best internet marketers is the lack of importance given to branding.

When your visitor arrives on your sales page will they remember your page in a weeks time? Is there something unique about your sales page that makes them laugh, makes them emotionally attached, makes them remember?

If not then you should look into doing this – fast. The best way I have found is to do this by using voice over audio or mini site graphics.

Mini site graphics include: header images, ebook covers or ecovers, “Order Now!” buttons and basically all of the graphics you see on really flash looking sales pages.

But how can you go about creating these mini site graphics if you don’t have so much as a creative bone in your body?

Well your first option would be to try and learn how to design these mini site graphics yourself – you’d need some good imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop CS, a lot of patience and a very creative brain. If you’re one of those people who has all the time in the world then this would be the solution for you, however be prepared to be spending – a lot – of time trying to pick up the basics.

The second option is to go out and buy an ‘eCover Generator’, now don’t get me wrong, these are great fun but I have yet to find one that is bug-free, fully functional and exports images in excellent ‘web-ready’ image quality.

As a mini site graphic designer I cringe whenever I hear the word ‘eCover Generator’ – these programs are not worth the dirt you walk on. Although they may be fun, you don’t want to waste your money on these programs, they are absolutely useless if you want to build a good quality brand.
The final and best option is to hire a professional mini site graphics designer who has years of experience and knowledge in the worldwide internet direct response marketing industry.

There are two ways of going about this, you can either:

A) Go to somewhere such as and post a job, the good thing about this option is that you’ll be having professional graphic designers replying to you, however they may not know which designs sells online and which ones don’t. Basically what I’m trying to say is that they may not know your internet marketing needs.

B) You can go straight to a graphic designer who specializes in mini site graphic design, someone who has been in the internet marketing industry for years and understands how selling online works and who knows which styles and colours sell online and which ones don’t. Believe it or not – there are designers who specialize in these kinds of graphics, one such company is who also specialize in voice over web audio.

By using a professionally designed eBook cover alongside mini site graphics you can be sure that your conversion rates will increase dramatically. No longer are you just playing on people emotions via sales copy but you’re also enhancing their online experience with visual elements.

Although it may initially cost you a small amount of money to implement effective mini site graphics into your sales page it is well worth the investment as you will soon see your conversion rates increase way beyond what they would have achieved without visual elements

Using eBook covers to convert more sales is just one amongst many other ways to increase your mini site conversion rates, if you want to read more hints, tips, techniques and articles about increasing your sales pages’ conversion rates please visit the following link within the author box below. Good luck with converting more sales!

Brent I. Turner is the CEO and Senior Designer of – A Mini Site Design company that specializes in direct response mini site graphics, professional voice over internet talent, sales copy and mini site layout design. Come and get your eBook Cover today!

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