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Effective Website Content – The Top 10 Ideas That’ll Keep Bringing ‘Em Back

Website content that make your site “sticky”. It will inform and involve your audience, turn them into fans who talk about your site, and keep coming back for more

1. Information:

The number one seller on the Internet is information. Have lots of relevant, free information on your site for your visitors to read, and keep adding more and they’ll keep coming back to read it.

2. Top Ten Lists:

Always popular are Top Ten Lists … or Top Seven Lists, or whatever number you can come up with. A really good Top List can later be expanded and turned into an e-book.

3. News Articles:

People always like to know what’s the latest and greatest. Keep them up to date with your company’s activities with a news page or article. You can also keep them up to date with other happenings in your industry.

4. Interviews:

A great way to tell your customers how useful your product or service is, is to have interviews with clients, or experts. If there is an article in your local paper at any time about you or your business, it can (with permission) be reproduced on your site. Or do an interview yourself, with groups or individuals of interest to your target audience and publish it on your website.

5. Publications:

E-zines, Newsletters, Booklets, Bulletins are all publications. Choose what fits best for your site and have the information available, plus an archive past editions. Free E-books are also publications much in demand.

6. Information Bites:

Intersperse short information-bites at appropriate places, and change them regularly.

7. Visual Content:

Your site should be visually pleasing, but not too complicated. Ease of navigation is a visual “tool” often overlooked in many “beautiful” sites.

8. Entertaining Content:

Keep them coming back for more with any items of fun you can include: unusual quotes, jokes, photos.

9. Excerpts:

If you are selling a book, as excerpt as long as an entire chapter is a great selling tool. In a bookstore you can look through the book before you buy, this is the internet equivalent.

10. Technology Content:

The choice if ever expanding there are audio clips, streaming videoPsychology Articles, MP3 files and more coming online by the minute.

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