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Embed WMV Player Into Webpage Using LongTail SilverLight

The wmv movie player was inserted into this webpage using the LongTail Silverlight WMV code. The video is 320px wide and 240px high… with a 20px player height added to the video height(425×540).

Have not been able to find the html code to run text down the side of the video. It probably will not matter, because in most cases I would rather display the video as large as possible… with text under the video, rather than on the side.

The only reason I decided to use the LongTail SilverLight Player to display WMV video was because the player controls under the video are customisable… looks a lot nicer than the standard WMV player.


This is the best result so far at running the text down the side of the video with a 10 pixal margin.

Its also the way that I will be embeding video into my websites from now on. It works just the way I would like it too… and it is very easy to setup. That can also be the subject of a video tutorial in the near future.

The big advantage of the way I can do it now is that I can place an image at the beginning of the video, run the text down the side of the video… and do it all so easily. You will notice that the Player Control colors below the video have also been changed. This can be easily done using flashvars settings when using the Longtail Video Wizard. It has taken me a lot of time to get this result… like I said once before, I always end up with the answer but it can take a while.

The reason why it can sometimes take a long time to get the result that I want is because there are so many dud software and code creation tools available out there, that it can take a few purchases before you get the one that is right for you.

In the video below,we used the Shadowbox Plugin to embed the video into the webpage… looks pretty good.


Thats all for now… Jaron ( Webmaster )

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