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Ezine Publishing: Is It Worth The Effort?

Is writing an ezine or newsletter still worth your time and
effort, or is it a fading means of marketing?

With all the spam filters being automatically included in
email clients these days it’s definitely harder to get your
messages through.

But that’s exactly why you need to start and maintain your
own ezine or newsletter. By building the trust factor with
your readers they’ll always be willing to accept your

The benefits of ezine marketing are numerous. As an ezine
publisher you need to do a few things first to ensure your

Target Market

The very first item you need to know’s what is your target
market or audience. Is there a want for the information
you’ll be writing about? Is there an audience?

It doesn’t do you any good to write about a topic that no
one else cares about. That is if your goal is to monetize
your efforts. If you’re just writing for your own pleasure
then by all means write away. But if you’re looking to make
a profit from your writings then you have to make sure
there’s a market for it.


You’ll also have to figure out how broad a range each issue
will cover. Is it going to be a general information ezine
that covers a lot of different issues in the same niche or
is it going to focus one one particular item, sort of a sub

As an example we’ll use internet marketing. There are many
different forms of internet marketing ranging from ezines
to pay-per-click to SEO.

If you’re involved with all aspects of your own site
marketing you could touch on each item every few issues.

It’s much better though to target a specific segment of
your topic. The more focused your topic is the better. This
way you know that your readers are interested in what
you’re offering not only in your writings but your product
recommendations as well.

If you do have knowledge in all of the subniches in your
field, perhaps starting a more closely focused ezine on
each topic would be more beneficial.

That way if you’re ezine’s sole topic’s SEO, you can offer
recommendations on SEO related products and services. If
you’re focusing on article writing, those are the products
you’ll endorse.

So by finding your target market and narrowing your field
or scope of topic, ezine and newsletter publishing will
continue to be a lucrative endeavor.

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