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Fast and easy Website Design Tips

Hi did you no that internet web pages have come full cercal, well do you remember the old days when a website was designed by code?
You no by actually typing HTML, the web pages looked simple and the only ones that had lots of images was the big firms that had the money to pay for them.

Then came the programs FrontPage Dream weaver and so on, WebPages started to get more and more in complexity, we had to keep image sizes small so the page would load faster and some websites turned the images into background images as these would load faster.

Then come the full page images the whole page seemed to be made up of images, this was ok by now as most users have high speed internet access, forms and PHP websites images and even Flash websites are born.

Now things are changing again, thanks to search engines and the customers the way we look at a website has changed, websites need to be fast loading still and we now see a lot less full page images, graphic design is becoming a thing of the past, WebPages don’t need flashy designs any more.

Here’s my tips for a website design and on you can use over and over.

What do we want a webpage to be?
1. Fast loading else the surfer will jump to another site.
2. A professional looking website, else the surfer will think its a back bedroom business.
3. clean looking graphics and business image.
4. A website that will sale sale sale.

1. Ok a lot of websites have cut down on images these do have there place but don’t use them to make frames and boxes, use them as a whole image and don’t do image cutting, these take time to load and are no longer good.

2. If your sealing something conceder designing a sales page I like sales pages but I do find them to be long pages and a lot of reading, the sales page has a big text header to get the buyer interested then some notes and then a sub header, then the sales page, you need to add some good feed back notes in a sales page.

If you don’t like sales pages design a website to look like a mini sales page using the same idea but not so long add links to other parts of the site, keep the whole site clean looking add images where you think it needs it but don’t go mad.

3. If you are not good at designing images go buy some this is very important if you add an image it must look professional, also consider a photo of you or you and your family, this adds a personal touch though dress well!.

4. If the page loads fast and you have that killer header then BAM, the page is there in there face, Wow look at this? they will read the header, this is your chance to grab them, they may browse down the page so that’s when the sub headers kick in.

This Article is designed to get you thinking about the way you design, I hope you will look at the design of a site when you visit one next and start to see a trend, this will point you the right way.
All the best.

Brian Hart
Brian Hart also known as Lazerbri has been working on the net for over 15 years,

he is a Programmer in HTML and PHP and also flash.

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