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Five Steps to Profit from Google Adwords

Although I was marketing online since 1997 and was makingmoney on the Internet, as soon as I discovered the famousGoogleCash ebook I was instantly hooked. It seemed so easyto profit from Google Adwords: just join an affiliateprogram, promote it on Google Adwords pay per click (ppc)search engine starting from only five dollars, and watchyour profits soar…

However, soon I realized that it was not that simple. Youmust know how to select profitable affiliate programs, howto research keywords and group them in ad groups, how tobid and manage your campaigns, how to track your keywordsand ads, etc.

The subject was very interesting for me and I just keptreading a great deal of information related to makingincome with Google Adwords: ebooks, guides, tutorials ande-mail courses.

After trying to implement the knowledge gained inpractice, after long trial and error months, I was finallymaking profit and not losing my money.

Here are five little-known steps that you should take inorder to profit from Goolge Adwords:

1. Target profitable two-tier or residual income niche markets.

2. Use effective tools and software for your Google Adwords keyword research.

3. Get a domain name, a hosting account, and create a simple landing page with an opt-in form.

4. Promote your landing page with Google Adwords and capture your visitors’ e-mail addresses.

5. Follow up with your subscribers and profit by pre-selling your niche products or services.

Let’s quickly analyze each of the steps outlined above andsee why you should stick to the plan if you want tomaximize your income from Google Adwords.

Promote Profitable Niche Two Tier Or Residual IncomeProducts And Services

First, the products or services that you will promote withGoogle Adwords should target a niche where people have lotsof money and are willing to spend it.

Second, you can make much more money if you advertisetwo-tier or residual income products or services.

Usually, majority of Google Adwords books teach you tochoose an affiliate program from publisher networks likeClickBank, Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc. But theseare the programs that everybody use. So, try to do aresearch on two-tier or residual income programs in yourtarget niche, and you may be surprized with the results…

Two-tier programs reward you for signing up affiliates.This way you earn commissions not only on your sales, youearn commissions on their sales too.

A good example of residual income programs are web hostingaffiliate programs where you can profit from your saleslifelong!

Use Effective Tools for Your Google Adwords Keyword Research

First, did you know that you can spy on your competitorskeywords by using an amazing tool called GoogSpy:

Simply, enter a domain name of your direct competitors andsee what keywords they are bidding on. This little-knownsecret could make your online profits soar instantly.

Second, as you probably know, the competition amongadvertisers in ppc marketing is fierce. That’s why youshould avoid using only free keyword research tools likeOverture’s Keyword Selector:

You will miss lots of profitable keywords if you do so. Tosucceed with ppc the only tool that works is WordTracker:

You should take at least a one day’s subscription when youare ready for your keyword research.

Get a Domain name, a Hosting Account, and Create a SimpleLanding Page

If you don’t have your own web site for your niche productor service that you advertise with ppc search engines, youare leaving money on the table. Here’s why…

Capture Your Google Adwords Visitors’ E-mail Addresses

Yes, you can promote affiliate links directly with GoogleAdwords. However, this way you will lose lots of prospectsthat could be contacted later.

Picture this…

When you promote an affiliate link you drive trafficdirectly to your affiliate web site. If a visitor doesn’tpurchase the product or service immediately, the chancesare he or she will never purchase from your affiliate linkagain.

Of course, top affiliate programs place cookies on theirweb site visitors’ browsers. This way you get paid even ifyour referral returns to your affiliate web site later.That’s why it is important to select the best affiliateprograms from the begining.

If you can achieve 1% visitor to sales conversion ratio(it means 1 sale from 100 visitors) with Google Adwords -you have a winner!

Imagine… What if you could set up a simple opt-in formon your landing page and write a great copy encouragingyour visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or an e-mailcourse? You would enjoy not 1% but 20 – 30% visitor tosubscriber conversion ratio when driving targeted trafficto your web site with Google Adwords!

You see, when you capture email addresses, you build alist. And, as they say – money is in the list!

Follow Up With Your Subscribers and Pre-Sell Your Productsand Services

This step is where you make real profit. Simply, createquality targeted content in your newsletter or ecourse andfollow up with your prospects using autoresponders.

It is said that online products and services are soldafter 7 – 9 follow up messages. Besides, you can contactyour subscribers anytime later as new quality products hityour targeted niche market.

This simple surefire action plan should help you boostyour homebased Google Adwords business profit instantly. Asyou can seeBusiness Management Articles, without a web site you cannot profit as muchas you could by simply creating a one-page website.

Gerardas Norkus has been marketing online since 1997.
Take advantage of his battle tested Google Adwords
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