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Four myths on starting and running your internet marketing business.

A guide to expel the myths that exist within the internet marketing business.  Targeted at people who are starting out in this business.

Myth 1. Good advertising costs you money!

So how do you make sure you don’t fall into this trap? Well, building a successful internet business takes time and effort. Giving up at the first hurdle is not an option (and believe me if you start losing money straight away, I can almost guarantee that you will!).

As with any business it takes time and commitment to build, but the difference with this business is that the limits are endless!

If you are prepared to commit yourself wholly at the start of your project, you can get free advertising in countless areas of the internet. It is not only free but extremely effective. It costs you nothing but your time!

Myth 2. Any traffic to my site is welcome!

Not true! Many people will argue that traffic is a numbers game. The more traffic that you get to your site, the more chance you have of getting someone to buy your merchandise.

Well I say to you wouldn’t it be fantastic if every person who visits your site were looking for the exact product that you had for sale? Of course! This is called targeted marketing, and by advertising in specific locations, you will get your targeted traffic (and it’s totally free!).

Myth 3. I can get my business up and running faster and make money if I buy email lists.

Not true! Yes, you will almost certainly get started more quickly this way but the quality of the list will probably be poor. By building your own personal list you will know that these people want what you have to offer and they will trust you. Why is trust so important? Well, when you have built up a list over a period of time, you will have more products to sell, and who better to sell these products to than people who have already bought off you in the past and trust you!

Myth 4. Affiliate marketing. There can’t be much money in selling someone else’s product.

Not true! Ever heard the saying “that it’s better to have a small slice of something than a big slice of nothing?”

Imagine a sole trader trying to reach millions of customers, (sounds unlikely unless he’s the owner of a massive conglomerate). Well, imagine the same trader having numerous affiliates selling his product for him. Not only does he save on advertising costs etc, but he can sit back and make a good residual income from his affiliates.

Now you may think that the commissions wouldn’t be very goodFree Web Content, but nothing could be further from the truth. Some will pay up to 70% on every product sold. You’re happy and the product owners happy!

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