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Free articles – tips for finding the best ones

Free articles are my bread and butter. I am always looking for knowledge on various subjects – Science articles, health articles, newspaper articles and much more. Ironically, I have decided to share the tips I have gathered over the time on finding the best free articles by writing a free article. Enjoy it.

Here are some tips that will help you locate the most suitable articles for you:

1. Stay focused – Looking for free articles on the web is addictive. You could easily find yourself sitting for hours staring at the computer screen with no real outcome. Remind yourself constantly what you are looking for and ask yourself if you are currently in the way to achieving it. 2. Read the articles’ abstract or summary to eliminate irrelevant articles.

3. Informational not commercial – If you are reading a page with too many pictures, adds or reviews, you are in the wrong place. Look for more objective data on informational pages.

4. Look In the right places – I suggest you consider looking for free articles using one of two methods.

The first, Look for the free article in google or in your favorite search engine by writing in the “Search” field: “The articles’ subject” + “article”. This way you will get textual content and not spam commercial sites.

The second, Look for the articles’ subject in article directories like ezinearticles.

5. Read the comments – You are not first who have read the article. You could save time by reading the articles’ comments before reading all the articles. If all the readers wrote negative comments, do not bother reading the free article. In some article directories you could even see the average grade given by the readers. 6. Time is money – If you are looking for a quality article and nowFree Articles, my best advice would be: pay for it. A couple of dollars sure worth the hours of looking for the needle in a haystack.

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