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Get The Most From Your Pay Per Click Ads

Using pay per click to advertise online can be a valuable, immediate source of online sales, but it can also cost you a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The problem is that most people rush in, sign up with a pay per click search engine and start their pay per click campaign. They get lots of traffic, lots of clicks and pay lots of money but they don’t make a single sale.

First off you should use a keyword generator of some sort. I personally like overtures keyword search tool

Ask yourself, what word or phrase would I type in my browser to find what it is I’m trying to advertise. Type that in the keyword tool and take a look at what pops up.Next you should narrow it down.

Don’t use common words, look down the list and pick some less common terms. The reward for doing this is a lower cost per click and in most cases you can be ranked #1 for your keyword and get more clicks. If you must use common keywords adjust your bid amounts so that your ranking is not at the bottom of page 1 but at the top of page 2 or 3. You always want to be near the top of any given page.

Next, pull your potential customers with an attention getting title. It’s the first thing the searcher sees. Make sure it matches what your web site offers, if it doesn’t some people will not be happy and that’s not a good way to start with a potential customer. Try to use your most popular keywords in the title. Titles with keywords in them get more click throughs.

Next would be to create a description, but here is where you need to hook them.
Make sure the description builds on the title and tells your searcher what they can expect. You don’t want to waste money on people who don’t meet your ideal customer. You also want to work in the keyword they used to find you into the description.

A good source for low cost pay per click advertising is Keyword advertising starts as low as .05 a click.

To get the most from your pay per click campaign use an attention getting titleScience Articles, a detailed description and choose your keywords wisely. If you follow these guidelines you’re sure to get quality traffic for pennies per keyword.

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