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Getting Indexed By Google Quickly

To-day ( 30th November 2007 ) I want to talk about getting indexed by Google quickly, and how easy or hard it can be for that to happen. And by quickly, I mean within a few minutes to a couple of hours. Most results have been in around 5 to 10 minutes from time of posting to the web.

If that would seam impossible then you need to read the rest of this article, because that’s exactly what we are going to do. The object of this post will be to get listed in the Google search results within a few minutes of posting.

WordpressFirst thing you need to know is that we are talking about a WordPress Blog website that is php based. To the best of my knowledge it is not possible to get a html website indexed by Google so quickly. That will be my next test.

There have been a number of things that I have done to my Blog in order for it to be indexed by Google so quickly and once I have been able to confirm they work on a consistant basis I will share them with all my readers. :) In to-days test I will be posting using the WordPress software rather than using Blog Auto Publisher which is my normal prefirred choice when posting.

In actual fact there is no real secret to what I am doing… other than applying all the blog techniques that are mentioned here at Pro Blog Tips

There’s about a dozen different things that I’ve done to get the results so far, but its still too early to know what ones’ work. Thats the next part of this test that I have to look into… trying to find out what worked and what didn’t. But at the moment I have been getting good results regardless of what did or did not work, and maybe at the end of the day it dosn’t matter… as long as it all worked towards getting more traffic to my Blog. More traffic means more of a chance of selling a product, and at the end of the day, thats what it is all about… more sales. Unless you like to work for free.

Its now Saturday afternoon Sydney Australia time and I’m about to get ready for work tonight so I will finish this post and get it uploaded to the web so we can see how long it takes to get indexed by Google.

Cheers… Jaron Fraser (Webmaster)

Google index results

From the time of posting to Google and seeing a result in there search results was a total of 5 minutes. It was probably even quicker than that, but I decided to make a cup of coffee while I was waiting. So the end result is that whatever I have done to my Blog is working… and posts to the web are being indexed by Google very quickly. And not only that.. there getting excellent placement as well. Thats a double whammy.

Plan on doing more tests on this subject over the next week or so, as its important that whatever I’m doing can be repeated on a regular basis with consistant results. Then when it all works properly I will be doing the same to all my other Blogs.

By then I will have enough information to be able to share with you all.

Thats all for now… thanks for reading : Jaron Fraser

Post Update… #1

Its now been a few days ( to-day is 2nd December 2007 ) since my original post regards getting indexed by Google quickly, and so far all is as I expected it to be. After first seeing my post getting indexed by Google in only 5 minutes, it then was gone from the listings after only 2 days.

This is however very normal with Google. First they index your site, or in this case post, then after a few days your listing will vanish from there listings while they update there database. So if all goes well, I can expect to see my new posts re-appear in Google’s search engine results in about 3 to 10 days from now. More on that when it happens. :)

Post Update… #2

Its now the 5th of December 2007 and just a few minutes ago this article “Getting Indexed By Google Quickly” was listed in the Google Search Engine results after being absent for 3 days. Next step is too see if it vanishes again in a few days or remains in the listings. When I just did a keyword search using “getting indexed by google quickly’ this web post came up # 2 in Google’s search results. :)

Post Update… #3

Its now the 8th of December and I believe I may have noticed something that points to why new posts to ProBlogTips get indexed so quickly. Over the last few days I have placed Google Adsense to every blog that I have, but have only made new posts to one of them.

And guess what?… those new posts were indexed by Google very quickly. The time was around 12/24 hours… a lot quicker than what it has been in the past. Still early stages but it all looks as though having Google Adsense on your website can help with getting it indexed quickly. More tests will help prove my theory, one way or the other.

Post Update… #4

Now been ten days since I first started to look into why blog posts from this website were getting indexed by Google so quickly. Two days ago I placed new articles on two more blogs that have had Google Adsense inserted into them… and just like the first two blogs, the new posts to them were indexed by Google within 24 hours. I’m sure that these posts will disappear from Google’s listing within a few days, then re-appear about 3/10 days later. Not too sure where all this is going at the moment, other than that getting listed by Google so quickly has to be better than not getting listed at all.

Post Update… #5 ( Day 14 )

So far all of the posts to Blog have been indexed very quickly, then dropped just as quick… only to re-appear in about 5/6 days, and then dropped again a few days later. If that sound confusing, then welcome to the club because I’m already confused. One thing for sure though is that The Google search results these days are almost certainly being determined by Google on a “Whats in it for them” basis… in other words “show us the money” and we will give you good search engine listings. This, I believe is only true of the most “competitive search terms” and does not cover all keywords used by web surfers.

Post Update… #6

Came across this interesting post at ProBlogger to-day that contains some good info on getting your blog post indexed by Google quickly. The “comments” contain some good info. :)

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