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Getting NON-STOP Traffic By Writing Articles

Got a low budget?  Can’t afford exspensive advertising? Or do you just want a good way to send targeted, buy happy prospects to your site?  Yes? Then you should be writing articles to promote your web page…..

Dreaming of getting tons of targeted traffic to your site without spending a red cent? Fantasizing of effective free advertising?

Then you should deffinetely start writing articles for promotion!

The things youve gotta love about articles are:

A. Theyre free to submit, allowing thousands of people to read them (and see your web link) without costing you a dime.

B. They prepare a visitor for purchasing your product or service much more effectively than a three line Pay Per Click ad possibly could.

C. They create a ton of inbound links to your website, which in turn boosts your Search Engine ranking (making it easier for people to find your site).

So, whether you have a product to sell, an affiliate product to promote, a newsletter, or just want more truly targeted traffic to your website, writing articles is THE way to go.

Here are the 4 steps to getting NON-STOP traffic using articles:

1. Write an informative, interesting article that your target audience would enjoy reading. Make sure that the subject covered in your article relates to the content on your site or you wont convert very many sales or opt-ins.

For instance if your website caters to dog owners: DO write an article on the different breeds of dogs or anything else to do with dogs, but DONT write an article about cats.

2. If you dont believe you can write a very good article then pay someone else to write it for you. is an excellent place to find potential article writers. Someone on Elance will write you a quality article for a low one time fee, and then you just slap your name on it and promote it as your own (this is perfectly legal).

3. The next step is writing the ad that is inserted at the end of your article in the byline, authors bio, about the auther, resource box or whatever else it may be called. This little 3 to 5 line ad will entice your readers to visit your site.

Jane Doe is the author of Hot Copywriting Tips, a must have online newsletter for all website owners. Go to to grab your FREE copy now.

4. Submit your article to every article site that has a category relevant to your articleArticle Submission, and youre ready to roll.

My favorite article sites are:

Now get started promoting your articles. Get them out there fast if you want to set your traffic counter spinning.

Beth Scott has been using articles to promote her online business for well over a year with great results.  To profit online and drive targeted cash-in-hand traffic to your website using articles visit Article Promotion 

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