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Getting Website Traffic with Articals

A good way for many work at home businesses to promote their
website or home based business is to write articles. Writing
articles can attract a reader on the Internet who otherwise
might not have visited your site. Articles can create more
traffic to your website than you may realize.

Imagine your doorbell rings. When you go to answer the door
there isn’t anyone standing there, but you see a basket with
a few tempting looking treats inside it. There is a tiny
note that says: Please try me! You’ve barely got your teeth
into that first bite and you are already wondering where you
can get more of these goodies. Well, that is basically what
your article should do. This is advertising for your
business, so you want to offer something that the person
needs or wants.

Your article should have some useful information. Keep in
mind that you don’t want to talk down to the reader. If you
talk over someone’s head they won’t want to keep reading.
At the same time, you’ll want your article to be readable
and interesting. There are some free readers available on
the Internet. The computer-generated voice reads your text
to you so you can make sure your article makes sense. At you can test your article for
readability. Check your spelling and grammar, too. Nothing
looks more unprofessional than a badly written article- even
if the subject is interesting. If you want to attract
traffic, take the time to write something that you yourself
would read.

What do you do with your article? There is always a demand
for articles on the Internet. Websites, blogs and
newsletters are some options for your articles. Here are
two sites that you can submit your article(s) to
:, If you want
to find more sites, why not try a Google search. Just type
‘submit articles’ and your topic of interest.

If you are writing an article on your own website, put it on
a separate page and keep the information fresh. Even though
you are trying to make money with your business, don’t write
your article to the search engines. If you write it only for
the search engines, the reader won’t read it. The trick is
to write something for both. Let’s go over some guidelines
to make the most of this marketing technique:

· Keep your article short and to the point. Remember the
goody basket at the front door? Ring the bell and leave the
basket, so the reader will want more.

· Write it in layman’s terms.

· Don’t make it sound like a sales pitch. Try and offer
something of value to create traffic.

· Include a resource box at the end of your article, along
with a link to your website. Your name and the name of
your business should be shown clearly.

· Enjoy the high quality traffic to your website that this
approach will give you!

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