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Google Base – How To Sell With Google

Do you sell on Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist? Well now you can sell on Sergy and Brin have released Google Base in beta for everyone to sell or post anything online.Read below as Clint Dixon explains how to use Google Base to list your items.

Google base the self publishing classified ad system from has beenreleased to beta today.

This could be the most significant release by since the boys decided they would change the way we search.

With this new beta release there is sure to be a huge scramble to be first to marketand your author Clint Dixon CEO and Founder of Sem-Advance and SEO-Surgeon, has posted some of the first ads on the new beta service from Google.

Using a Google,com account such as Adwords, Adsense, Gmail, or other Google offering that requires a log in you surf to and you will see a drop down menus set in interface on the right as well as some basic help information on the offering on the left.

There are even some examples now of others ads that are posted. Doesn’t take long for this news to spread across the Internet as you can see and it is one of the reasons I have decided to write this introduction for you. Starting on the right you can either select from some of the pre-existing items thatpeople might want to market such as Course Schedules, Events and Activities, Newsand Articles, People Profiles, Products, Reference Articles, Reviews, Services,Vehicles, Jobs and Wanted Ads.

You can also make up your own. So here Google exceeds Craigslist, by offering youthe customization choice and meets ebay.coms benefit. This is truely a offering ofsuch magnitude it will make others sit up and take notice.

After making your choice of what you want to offer for sale, you click Next and moveto a screen where you will enter more detailed information. which is a form to fill out with some fields already set that you may want to use. For instance, there is a Product form that has fields to enter a price range or use the drop down to select fixed, negotiable, or minimum price. Other attributes include quantity, brand, item condition and payment options.

The Google engineers are a very smart group who even give the forms an intuitive nature. Did their form miss something? Google does not like missing things, so You can easily add new fields to your form. How smart and considerate.

After entering all of your details there is a box at the bottom of the form that asks for a website link. It as for a web page that describes this item and if specified Google search results for the item will link to the ad URL.

You then have four optionsPsychology Articles, one is to preview the ad one to save as a draft one to publish and one to cancel. Google will review the ad and lets you know if there are errors or other items that need attention.

Once everything is correct there is a slight processing time which you are notified of in your posting dashboard which helps you keep track of your ads. Once the ad is posted there is a URL to see the ad and I imagine at some point there will be these ads that show up in the main search results.

It is all pretty new and since Google has an article portion I am going to post this article there first online.

Clint Dixon is Founder & CEO of as well as two blogs. Mr. Dixon is an experienced website marketing consultant. If you enjoyed this article please feel free to use it on your website, blog, or email it to a friend. Please maintain the link below in exchange for it’s use.Search Marketing Consultant

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