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How To Advertise for Free: Lesson #1

How to Create a Sigline

I bet when you saw the title of this article you thought you were going to get another one of those “10 Tips” thattell you to “do this…” and “do that…” didn’t you?

Well, not this time. I’m going to spell it out for you one method of advertising for free and then show you where to go and apply what you’ve learned. Let’s begin.

First, you will need to create a signature line (sigline). If you’ve ever written a personal or professional letter in your life, you’ve used a sigline before.

In the personal letter, you probably just ended it with your name only. You ended a professional letter with your name and probably a title or your home or office address.

You need to create a “net style” sigline to advertise whatever it is you’ve chosen to promote. Here is a sample sigline in it’s most basic format:

Edward S. GauseInternet Marketing for Beginners

The first line identifies who you are. The 2nd line is a short description of the page you want the viewer to go visit. The 3rd line is the actual link to the page.

Now preferably, you want to have a more snappy description on line 2 to peak the interest of readers viewing your sigline. Something like:

Like to write? Get PAID for your articles!…


*How To* Start Your Own Internet BizExclusive Step-By Step Online Video

Aren’t you curious now? Let me finish up this lesson first and then you can go check out the above links!

You want to include this sigline in every e-mail you send, whether it’s friends, relatives or associates. You never know who might want to take a look!

In my next lessonArticle Search, I will show how to use your sigline in forums appropriately and provide you with over 100 forums to visit.

Edward Gause is a relatively new Internet marketer who wants to share his personal do’s and don’ts with other newbies.
“Don’t just tell me what to do, show me how to do it.”
Learn more about Edward at:

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