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How to Create Compelling Content by Inspiring Action

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As we come to towards to the end of this series on how to create compelling blog content I want to examine a topic that is fairly and squarely inspired by readers of ProBlogger.

When I first brainstormed topics for this series I came up with the previous 7 topics (I’ll listed below). I was pretty pleased with the result but wanted to get reader feedback before launching into the series and so asked readers to share their ideas on what makes content compelling.

Many ideas were shared by readers but one theme that emerged that I’d not considered myself was that of ACTION. Let me share one of the comments that stood out to me the most. It’s from Brad (no link left – I’ve also changed the formatting slightly).

“Compelling content also moves me to DO something. It’s the kind of content that I get to the end of and feel inspired to do something with.

That response might be to comment on the post (respond) but often it’s much more than that. It might be

  • to change the way I live
  • to try something new
  • to share the link to the content with a friend
  • to experiment with a new technique
  • to have a conversation
  • to read more about the topic

The action I take as a result of the content will differ depending upon what it is but compelling content by definition compels me to DO something as a result of reading it.”

I think Brad’s summed up the sentiment of many others who left comments about compelling content being actionable (there are more comments below).

As he mentions – the actions you ask readers take could be any number of things and it will vary a lot from blog post to blog post.

An Example: The Power of ‘Homework’

I personally have seen the power of creating Actionable Content lately. Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve put a lot more effort lately into creating ‘homework’ for readers. Instead of just writing a theoretical post about how to do something I’ve been adding ‘Homework’ sections into my posts that give readers a ‘task’ or a ‘challenge’ for them to go away and implement.

This is best illustrated in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog which gives readers some theory and an action item for each day of a month.

The feedback on this technique has been fantastic. Instead of people coming to my blog to ‘learn’ and increase their knowledge (something that can be quite passive) they’re now leaving my blog to go away and try something for themselves.

Any teacher will tell you that teaching becomes much more effective when you teach someone to do something and then get that person to do it for themselves. I’m hearing from readers taking the ‘homework’ that I’m setting that this is the case.

Your Homework Today

Today your homework is twofold:

1. Read 12 Tips to SNAP Readers out of Passivity – this post is all about calling readers to Action. It shares WHY Calls to Action are important on a blog but also gives 12 tips on HOW to do it.

2. Call Your Readers to DO something – the action that you’re calling people to DO will vary a lot from blog to blog.

Really it could be anything – big or small but write something that attempts to pull your readers out of a passive state into something more active.

What Others Said About Compelling Content and ACTION

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How to Create Compelling Content by Inspiring Action

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