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How to get an instant flow of traffic doing what you always do

How DO you get a great flow of traffic for free? Well I know one way you can get great traffic doing what you do everyday you get on the internet! Finally something easy without clicking sites you don’t want to look at. Look at what you want to with InstantBuzz while getting credits to display your site to thousands and thousands of people across the globe. InstantBuzz is small toolbar that installs to your browswer in seconds and it’s certified virus free. If you don’t like it you can remove it just as fast as installing it and did I mention it’s free? With InstantBuzz do you not only do you place your free bar ad but their are other methods of advertising, MailSpace Ads and HyperSpace Ads.

MailSpace Ads are their most powerful ad format. With MailSpace Ads it allows you to exchange ads at the top of your outgoing emails. Every time you send a outgoing email someones InstantBuzz Ad will show at the bottom of your email and you’ll be awarded ad credits and your ad will be seen at the bottom of thousands and thousands of other members outgoing emails to their clients.

HyperSpace Ads are simple. Just place a line on whichever page or pages you wish and it’s shown in a small box on the upper right side of your page that advertising two members sites and it’s closeable. Each time someone views your site you earn ad credits to display your personal webpage on other members sites.

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