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How To Make Your First $100 In 7 Days

If you long have been testing, tweaking on stuff online for weeks or even months and saw no results so far… You are not alone my friend! In fact you are like what 90% of people actually face online during the first few weeks or months online!
Make Money Online

I know your frustration and also know how it feels like to earn nothing after months of hard work. When I first started doing Internet Marketing, it took me at least 6 months before I hit my first $100. To help everyone to make money faster I thought I would share some insides of what actually changes to help boost my earnings online.

Start To Do More Then Usual

Instead of slacking everyday like what many people do for their online business, I decided enough is enough and I got to start making some decent income. So what I did was I select one traffic tactic that I knew the best and can shown me results so I decided to do it 10 times the normal amount!

I tried it for the first 24 hours, there were traffic not no sales. Not loosing hope yet. I decided to be consistent and kept on doing the same thing for the few days.

It was painful, it was suffering and worst of all my parents who see me looking at the computer everyday keeps on nagging me to find a proper job! Imagine how that feels like…

It was until on the 7th day I got my first sale and I realized the problem I had was not in my efforts but my style of writing to promote the link was wrong!

I was not writing to ask people to buy something, but I just realized I was too focus on getting people to get FREE STUFF. So I attracted lots of people who likes free stuff but apparently they do not like to buy stuff!

That’s Where My Pitching Fest Started

After noticing that, I decided to go through that same tactic I use always to drive traffic but this time round with a mindset that I wanted to sell them something which could help their business. Amazingly the results was surprising and there were people buying my stuff!

Lesson Learnt

Do not be shy to promote your own or affiliate products you want to sell. However be caution in not over doing it because It will back fire and cause you problems.

Also another thing I learnt from this lesson was I did not have the mindset to make the income online at that time when I first started. However, when I just did a simple change to my mindset. I do realized that results started to come! It may sound weird to you.. but HEY you got nothing to loose then to convince yourself you can do it and you WILL GET IT and that’s for SURE!

About the Author

Alvin Phang is currently ranked as the world’s no.1 blogger, who made over $4,687.50 in 7 days! Would you like to learn how Alvin did it by just using blogs?

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