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How to Master Google AdWords

Then most difficult aspect of marketing a new product orweb site is to find enough people that are interested in itso that they are ready to buy. Mastering Google AdWordswill enable you to drive traffic to your web site and startmaking sales immediately. You can create a Google AdWordcampaign in a matter of minutes and be making sales within24 hours.

Benefits of Mastering Google AdWords

1. Test Products – with Google AdWords you can quickly test a product to determine if there is a demand for it. If you generate a lot of clicks, this may mean you havea winning product.

2. Generate sales leads – use Google AdWords to generateleads by offering something for free to obtain their emailaddress. Following this, create an autoresponder series tobuild a relationship with the person. Through this longterm relationship you can continually introduce newproducts to them.

3. Sell your own products – this can produce large profitsbecause you don’t have to deal with any middle men whichtend to reduce your total profits.

4. Sell other people’s products through affiliate programs – you become the sales person for a large company. The company provides a quality product that is in high demand, with a professional web site and sales page. You simply direct visitors to this site and collect commissions for every sale you make.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Do extensive keyword research first – use Wordtracker tofind the best keywords that fit the product you wish tosell. Make a list of at least 50-100 keywords or keywordphrases. Create different ads based on your most targetedkeywords. Not all keywords will necessarily be profitable,however you can use them later when developing content foryour web pages.

2. Create several ads within an ad group. – an ad groupconsists of a group of ads you create for the keywords youhave researched. Choose your most targeted keyword orkeyword phrase then create at least 2 different ads so youcan see which ad produces the highest click through rate.

The click through rate (CTR) is the ratio of the number oftimes a person clicks on your ad based on the number oftimes it is viewed. For example if 100 people see your adand only one person clicks on your ad to be taken to yourweb site, then the CTR for that ad is 1/100, 1%.

3. Don’t place too many keywords in one ad group – if yourkeyword phrase is “red wagons” then create an ad group of 2ads containing this phrase. If your keyword phrase is “bluewagons” then create another ad group with 2 ads containingthis phrase. All your keywords must be similar.

4. Write an attractive ad – you have a very limited spaceto write your ad so you need to make each word count if youwant your visitors to click through to your web site orlanding page. Start with a clear headline, followed bybenefit, feature then web address.

5. Use strong verbs in your ad – strong verbs link directlyto the five senses–touch, sight, smell, sound, andtaste–and to familiar emotions. They are short andpersonal: “run,” “fight,” “love,” “say.”

Weak verbs seem abstract and impersonal. They tend to be long words: “employ,” “postpone,” “construct.”

Here’s a comparison of weak and strong verbs:

Weak verbs Inform Reduce Indicate Modify Endeavor Desire

Strong Verbs tell, say cut show change try want

Next time you visit the grocery store look at some of theheadlines of popular magazines ie Cosmopolitan Magazine.They spend millions of dollars researching words which willattract readers. By using strong verbs in your ads yourvisitor will be more inclined to take action.

6. Write ads that have rhythm – ads that have a flow niceflow to them effect people in a better way than ones thatdon’t ie “simple self defense”

7. Set a daily budget – Google will recommend a specificamount to spend for each click. Don’t go with theirrecommendation as they probably have their own selfinterest in mind. Start with a smaller daily amount thanwhat is suggested ie 5 cents per click and keep a eye onyour CTR. Ads shown at the top of the page don’tnecessarily produce the highest CTR. Aim for positions 6-8.Google will rotate your ads periodically so each one ofthem gets equal exposure.

8. Check on your ad regularly – when you first run your ad,check on it 3-4 times per day until you have got at least50 clicks.

9. Refine your ads – discard those ads that are notproducing a high click through rate. Continue editing thoseads that work or create new ones within your same ad groupuntil you find a winner. You can do this by using differentcombinations of keywords or trying different headlines.

10. Track your ads – track which ads produce the mostclicks. The adtracker I recommend you use is Adtrackz:

This software allows you to create a different URL for eachad and tracks how many clicks you receive each day from placing the ad. You can also use the Google tracker that’sincluded with your AdWrords account, however it is not as powerful as Adtrackz and has much less features.

When you have created a winning ad (high CTR) adjust thelanding page of your web site until you convert thevisitors into buyers.

By mastering Google Adwords Ads, you can confidently expand your marketing campaign to include other PPC advertising companies ie OvertureFeature Articles, FindWhat and also tryoffline advertising.

Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) owner and author of  Affordable Web Site Design, Web Hosting, Promotion Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes Get the Definitive Fast-Start Guide for Google AdWords

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