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How you could create an information product in an hour

Do you know how you could create an information product in an hour or less?

An ebook? you would probably need a week if you are a good writer.

The fastest and most creative way, and probably the most popular way to create an information product is through audio.

Audio program are great, people can listen it everywhere they go, they can download and listen with a mp3 player.

But why audio? Audio is the fastest way you can create your product, you could record an hour of audio and sell it, easy and fast.

Do you know that it has been proven that putting audio on your website can increase your sales? Using audio postcard for people to listen your message, or even use audio inside email.

Creating an information product using audio can increase the price of your product because it has a higher perceive value, and most of the customer love to hear audio than spending several hours reading your book.

Why I creating audio program is because I can use it to test my niche market fast. Unlike writing an ebook, you may need a a week or two to create one.

For Audio, it may take a hour or less, depends on how you long you record it. It is an easier and faster way you could create a product.

Think like this, if what you are doing is a dead duck, you want to know it fast, you don’t want to spend a month or two, or even half a year to figure this out, right?

If you really want to know more information about creating information product using audio program, visit and you will find out the answer.

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