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Increase Your Google AdWords CTR

Want to increase your AdWords CTR (click through rate) and drive more traffic to your site? My favorite AdWords feature is the ability to run multiple ad campaigns simultaneously and compare instantly updated data side by side. Let’s say, you have started a new website, which features reviews for popular children’s products. You currently have an ad campaign running that is getting a CTR of 1.1% (that’s about average). Your ad goes something like this, “Kid’s Product Reviews. What you must know before you buy, etc”. Now, you can create a new ad, run it side by side with the old ad and get instant feedback in the form of precision point accurate data. Your new ad begins with, “Is Your Child Safe? Please, read this before, etc”. You immediately begin seeing better results as your CTR has doubled to 2.2%, while CPC (cost per click) has actually decreased. It’s a no-brainer as to which ad you will run from now on. And, you can continue to create new ads and run them against each other, until you have the most effective ad possible. In the history of advertising, this has never been possibleScience Articles, without spending $1000′s while having to wait weeks or months for the research data to come back. This is an exciting Adwords feature that you absolutely should not ignore.

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