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Increase Your Website Conversions

Here’s a quick way to increase your website conversions
by changing just two words.

NOTE: This is just one of the 43 split-test results found at:

In this split-test, the only variable we changed was the text
displayed on the order button itself.

This test is based on a scientifically significant number of
81,650 total page views or approximately 10,206 page views
per version.

Here are the results based on their quantity of clicks:

CONTROL: “Order Now” – 9 clicks – 0.9%
TEST 1: “Add To Bag” – 98 clicks – 9.6%
TEST 2: “Add To Shopping Bag” – 93 clicks – 9.2%
TEST 3: “Add To Basket” – 61 clicks – 6.1%
TEST 4: “Add To Shopping Cart” – 48 clicks – 4.7%
TEST 5: “Buy” – 28 clicks – 2.8%
TEST 6: “Buy Now” – 15 clicks – 1.5%

And the winner is… (drum-roll, please)…
TEST 7: “Add To Cart” – 180 clicks – 18.0% <—

Net Result: This test winner outperformed the control by
almost 20 Times
. So in other words, if your order links say
“Order Now”…you’re probably leaving A LOT of money on
the table.

It is important to notice that the add to cart text produced
a 11.4% higher cart abandonment rate than the more direct
“Buy” text however the net conversions using the “add to
cart” text were more that 8X times that of the more direct
“Buy” button text.

Hopefully this proves the importance of split-testing, but if
you don’t have the time or desire to split-test yourself, you
can get instant access to my split-testing diary right now
by going to:

Good testing,
Ryan Deiss

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