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Internet marketing and website promotion

Compared to TV advertisement where seconds of exposure can cost over $10k, the internet provides an alternative for new businesses to gain publicity cost effectively.

However, many websites are facing this problem: No visitors >> No sales. And it can be a daunting task for newbie webmasters new to online marketing. In this article, I provide some internet marketing tips and solutions for webmasters new to website promotion.

There are many ways you can market your website indeed:

a) Search Engine Positioning
Some may call this search engine optimization, or “SEO” for short. It is the most effective way to market your website online. To illustrate what I mean, you may type the keywords “Singapore web design and hosting” into MSN search box, and see if you can find [We are currently ranked top 10 for the keywords you just typed].

In fact, statistics have also shown that more than 80% of online traffic is driven by search engines. However, to squeeze your way into Google top 10 can requires a lot of time and effort. If your site is newly built and has not been indexed by Google, there is no way you can rank top 10 for popular key phrases within 1 month. You can take my word for that.

1. Highly targeted visitors searching for your products and services.
2. Very cost effective in the long run compared to advertising.
3. Increase your website’s online reputation.

b) Pay per click advertising
This effectively means that you advertise your site on other websites by pay per click. You will pay for every click when visitors click on your ads on other sites.

Currently, the 2 most popular pay per click advertising campaigns will be Google Adwords and Yahoo! Overture This is another very popular way to market your website online. It is not easy for new websites to climb their ways to the top of search engines ranking. Hence, this is a very popular marketing solution for new websites.

c) Article Writing
If you can write articles in good English, article writing can be one of the most economic ways to market your site. You need not write like an English professor. In fact, many internet marketing experts suggest that you write in a personalized style. Your articles need not be too long. Online visitors do not spend the whole evening trying to figure out what you want to say. Also, writing in proper paragraphs and point forms help to convey messages fast and effective.

After writing an article, remember to include a resource box.

See example below:

“Article by Byon Ong, Singapore web design, hosting and website promotion”.

You may also suggest your article to Articles Factory as a writer. If your article is interesting with useful content, many sites would want to publish your articles in their sites. By contributing useful contents for their readers, they provide valuable backlinks to your site in exchange.

Here are only basic ways to promote your websites. For more promotion tips and techniques, you may want to read Internet promotion and marketing Part 2.

Article by Byon Ong Singapore web design and web hosting

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