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Keeping It Simple Is the Key for Optimization of a Website

It is the balance between the desire to have all the novel and cool features accessible on the Internet and the desire to make a website easy to use and to navigate, that differentiate a successful web designing.

When web designing employs the menus and graphic motifs to move and fly around, when every available screen spot is maximum exploited, it becomes cumbersome for user to manipulate it. The websites need to be effortless readable and functional and just the removal of some graphic items do not necessarily simplify this.

A simple website that is suitable designed brings important benefits: it is easier to be scanned by search engines, it loads faster, it is easier to navigate, it is faster to be developed, maintained, updated and optimized. Also, the simplicity of the web design diminish the compatibility problems on different operating systems, screen resolutions, graphic settings and browser types.

Simplicity also refers to the structure of the website. The information posted on the website should to be equally accessible for both a novice and an experienced user. The designer approach to site navigation should take in consideration the behavior of web surfers. Most of the internet users will abandon a site if they have not found the desired information at a glance. Users behavior is a very important guide when designing an easy to navigate website.

A proficient web designer will develop simple web pages that are both visual appealing and simple. Simplicity in web design does not imply insufficiency of information or design elements: it entail that the visitors are able to find what they need effortless.

As the Internet grows rapidly, so does the challenge of being at the top of search engines results. Being well-placed in the search engine result pages (also called SERP) can make a enormous difference in the number of visitors for an website. Search engines love simple websites, without abundance of code and layout elements. An important part of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) job is to minimize the unnecessary scripts and code. If the website is designed with simplicity and usability in mind it is automatically optimized for search engines.

It may seam a paradox that website users increasingly demand new features and functions from websites and in the same time they expect ease in manipulation. Thus, if website designers focus only on features, function and power of the websitesFeature Articles, this may turn away many visitors and in nowadays competitive environment this might be the difference between having a presence on the Internet and being successful on the Internet.

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Chip Peterson is an Web Designer and Copywriter with Better Image in Raleigh, NC

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