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Learn to focus and you shall achieve

Successful online entrepreneurs are a breed apart in themselves. Each of them is different from the other in their approach of making profits on the internet. However, all of them do have a common denominator, focus, focus on one single marketing technique at a time and give it all they have to give.

This is not a lesson limited to online business. One can take the same approach and succeed in any business. The problem is not the lack of marketing ideas or people; the problem is too many of them being available and not being able to stick to one. As it goes… Too many cooks spoil the broth…..

Try concentrating and focusing all your efforts on one good marketing idea you have, the results will surprise you and your competition together.

Successful people are also people like me or you, only they take one idea at a time, succeed at it, and then move to the next. They also know that they have more to do, but they realize that they need not do it all together. There is no hurry, they just take one at a time.

Let us look at some success stories and find out how they did, what they did.

This website ranks on top in all search engines for the search ‘truck bed covers’. He sole reason for its success. Eric Weeks, when he began his foray into online business, realized that traffic and only traffic will get him business and money. This is true for most online businesses. So this realization, the quicker it dawns, the better. Once Eric was convinced of this, he concentrated all his energies on this aspect of online business, so much so that he sold $800,000 worth of products in his first year online adding $200,000 of pure profit to his fortunes.

Eric took up search engine optimizing his website as a challenge. He says “”The opportunity to compete for top search engine positions was exciting to me, I love competition. It gave me a target, a bow, and the arrow.”

“I studied every article I could get my hands on pertaining to the subject,” Eric says. “And the site began turning a profit day one. Top listings on Yahoo! and Google for the term ‘truck bed covers’ (which gets roughly 800 searches daily according to WordTracker) and a healthy profit margin ensured early success.”

Eric’s advice to those who want to duplicate his success:

* Define your main keywords, always use your main keyword in your URL.

* Separate the keywords in your URL with a hyphen, so that the search engine can locate them easily while spidering your site.

* Get as many reputable and relevant sites linking to you as possible.

* Include excellent and relevant content.

* Always place main keywords in your hyperlinks.

* Try using text logos instead of images — search engines can’t spider image files.

Eric’s success comes from focusing all his energies on one marketing strategy and getting to the bottom of it. Now that Eric has conquered the search engine optimization strategy, he can concentrate on other marketing ideas that have been on his mind.

To add to this Eric says “If we weren’t the first listing on page one of the major search engines — if we were the first listing on page TWO, we’d only do a small fraction of the business we’ve been doing”.

Jahn A. is the Owner and Founder of He has trained ordinary people online and off-line, inspiring and turning them into netrepreneurs overnight through his-marketing courses in Singapore.

Jahn A. is a Marketer and a licensed eCommerce Consultant by profession and he has a BSc Degree Majoring In Marketing and also Strategic Mgt. Visit his business blog at: to subscribe and download 77 free software and ebooks.

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