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Maximize the Success of your Autoresponder with these Tips » Video Tutorial

Learn the secrets of a successful Autoresponder. Learn how to repurpose content to increase profits and save time, money, and extra work.

Do you have questions about setting up and using your Autoresponder? Do you have questions about the most effective way to manage content regarding your Internet business? Read on to find valuable insights that every Internet entrepreneur should know.

Question #1: How many messages should you have in an Autoresponder sequence? There is no specific number. You want to have as many as you can feasibly create. If you can line up 50 messages than great! You need to keep adding messages to your sequence otherwise your email subscribers won’t here from you again.

If you set up your Autoresponder correctly then you are essentially automating your profit.

Question #2: What types of message should you send in your Autoresponder sequence? You can send email messages that just remind them of your product or services, sales letters, announcements, etc. Keep subscribers up to date.

For example, if you are ambitious you could have an Autoresponder set up for two years. Of course, you will have to go back in now and then to tweak the messages if you do this. Strive to set up a campaign that goes automatically for 6 months. Hit your customer list every 5-7 days with email messages down the road. It helps your list to remember you. Longer sequences make it easier for you down the road. Think automatic sales.

Question #3: Should you change the format between articles and emails? Should you use the same copy or modify it? You need to be able to repurpose content. Content is King on the Internet. The more content you have the more articles you can send out, market to people, etc.

The same article can be repurposed and used a few different ways. The articles and emails will have the same premise. The article will have a summary, contentFeature Articles, keywords. The email will have the summary and content as well. The reason you can send the same content to your list is that they will most likely not have read the article you submit to the Internet directories. So it is okay and beneficial to repurpose content.

Another example of repurposing content is to create an audio CD. Then write articles from the CD. Then send emails based on the articles. This is fine because you are always marketing to new or different audiences. You don’t have to worry that the same person will see the same content several times.

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