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Networking : Video Tutorial

Networking technologies are some tools which make it available to conduct business through modern communications such as the Internet.

Networking technologies have been rapidly developed for the last few decades. Their rapid speed of development can be considered as the great phenomenon of the twenty first century. We have new opportunities to connect themselves with the whole world every day. Some days ago we did not have webcams whereas almost everyone knows how they work and can afford their costs in order to install them and see people from the other side of our planet.
A few years ago just a few people knew something about Internet and could use it for getting profits and benefits. Nowadays, thousands of online companies offer purchases, sales, financial pyramids, advertisements and other things to make money through the Internet. So what is the reason of such rapid growth?

  • First, networking nature itself lies in every day development.
  • Second, it was designed to make money, and money should work more and more every day.
  • Third, networking benefits are so obvious that just a few companies mostly in developing countries can manage their profits without networking.
  • Fourth, networking is very attractive and cheap way to be connected with the whole world and, therefore have feeling of freedom and independence.
  • People have and will always want to travel, meet new people and know new things. It is not very cheap due to tickets, visas and other entries costs. Networking can connect people with other world for a few cents and make them feel valuable members of the world society. Such feeling is the core principle of harmonic coexistence nowadays as the great diversity of cultures, languagesFeature Articles, nations and religions it would be difficult to coexist if one nation would have more opportunities than another.

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