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Nobody Signing up for your Newsletter?

Question: Why is nobody signing up for my newsletter? I know that’s where the money is, but I just can’t get anyone to sign up. What can I do?
Signed – Yoo hoo… Anyone there?

Dear Yoo hoo… Anyone there?
Please don’t feel badly. I actually get this question a lot in my consulting business. It’s a very common problem and, fortunately, one that you can start improving today.

Here is the short version of the checklist I go through with clients when examining ways to fix this problem.

1. Where do I sign up?
The first thing I do when I’m helping a client is to play the game called “Where’s the signup box?” If it takes me more than half a second to find the newsletter signup form, then we’ve got work to do.

Your signup box should not be a challenge to find. If it is, it’s defeating the purpose. So, put it front and center in the top third of your page. It’s not even a bad thing if you have it on your page … gasp… twice.

Also, most people have pop-up blockers now, so don’t rely on a pop-up to get you a parade of traffic. Pop-ups and pop-unders are great, but they can’t be the only ways to get people on your list.

2. What am I signing up for?
The next thing I check is the copy in the signup box. If your best sales pitch is “Sign up for my mailing list” or “Sign up for our newsletter” – then forget about it!

It used to be years ago that’s all you needed to say, but now people need a little more explanation and encouragement. Will you be providing tips, ideas, freebies, coupons, resources or advice? Let me know what I’m getting into before I’ll hand over my email address…. And it better be good.

3. Why should I sign up?
A little bribery can go a long ways. Will I get a bonus for signing up? Do you have a special report or a freebie for me? No? Well, get to work. There’s a lot of competition out there, so don’t be afraid to offer a little extra to your visitors. Need bonuses? Check out

4. How do I sign up?
The last item on my checklist is the sign-up procedure. If you’re using a service that makes me jump through too many hoops, then I’ll probably give up and move on to something else. Yes, double opt-in is good, but programs that make you join and jump too many times are just ridiculous.

Plus, if you’re asking for too much information (like my telephone number), I’ll likely pass. There’s no email list worth me getting phone calls during dinner. It doesn’t matter how good your mailing list is.

So, there you have it. Start with this quick checklist to see immediate improvement in your sign-ups. As far as getting traffic to your site to see your signup box – that’s another article in the making.

Nicole Dean is the owner of where you’ll find more tips to grow your mailing list, including ways to get more traffic to your site.

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