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One Way Links are better than Reciprocal Links

You probably know by now that where your website ranks in the search engine rankings dramatically affects how many visitors you have to your site. Did you also know that you can change where your site is ranked by being proactive and getting as many one way links to your site as possible? That is right, the more one way links you have on the Web that point back to your website the higher your site will be ranked. You are probably thinking this is amazing information and just what you need to get your site higher in the search engine rankings and more traffic, but how do you go about getting one way links and why would you prefer one way links as opposed to reciprocal links?

The answer is easy! All you need to do to get one way links is to list your website with web directories or even buy one way links in the form of advertising on other websites! It is really easy to get as many one way links as you want to your website with a small investment of time or even your advertising budget. Many a web directory will allow you to submit your information free and advertising a one way link to your site on other websites is rather affordable as well. So, getting those one way links is pretty easy after all.

One Way Links are Just Better

Now, you might be wondering why you don’t want to trade links or involve yourself in reciprocal linking. The answer is that one way links are simply better and weighed more heavily when it come to the search engines. Reciprocal links are in no way bad and will not hurt your website rankings at all. In fact, reciprocal links to help your site ranking to some extent. However, if you are going to put in your time and money to increasing your websites visibility then you will want to focus on one way links. It takes the same amount of tome, sometimes less, and you get the all important and heavier weighted one way links that will make your website receive search engine rankings you once only dreamed of.

So, start linking your website with website directories, buying one way link advertising on other sites, and soon you will see your website ranking with the big search engines soaring higher than you ever imagined. Remember, the more links you have whether they be in web directories or on other websites the better it will be for your website so you should start working on one way links today. As you watch your site increase in the rankings you can keep submitting to more web directories and buying more one way link advertisements and if your goal is to be the number one ranked website on Google then you can do it with a little bit of work and determination.

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