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Page Peel Ads

Advertising, including the new style Page Peel Ads are a way to get consumers interested in the products that are for sale and there are many different approach and types of ads created each year. It doesn’t matter what type of ad is created because they will reach consumers in several different ways. In fact we see ads by the thousands every day from online, television commercials, to the radio. Consumers will be exposed to every type of ad that is created whether they wish to be or not. Even the pop-up ads inundates us just by going on to a favorite website.

Page Peel Ads

It is no real secret that consumers are tired of these ads whether it is pop-ups, radio commercials, television commercials, or ads before a news video on the website. Ads are meant to be annoying in order to get the information stuck in the consumers mind. You may not be aware of the latest ad type yet, but I bet you have seen it. The newest ad to hit the online market is the page peel ads on the top right corner of a website. You can view what the look like by going to our homepage and looking at the ad in the top right corner… HERE There are several names for them: Peel Away Ads, Page Peel Ads, Page Peel Away Ads, Peel Ads, Page Peel Script, Apeeling Ads, Peel It Ads and many more. Multinational corporations create them to attract online customers because of their pleasing way of non-annoying in nature.

These ads use a whole different psychological approach. Instead of forcing the offer in front of the viewer, these nifty little ads play on the viewer’s curiosity. They are meant to gather the visitor’s interest. The visitors will see a non-distracting little waving graphics on the top right edge of the site. This creates such curiosity, hence generates a high click through rates.

This is actually quite enticing. For most consumers it piques their interest enough to have them check the ads out. When they move their mouse over to the waving corner, the page peels back like the page of a book revealing the offer underneath it. When they click on the offer, they will be taken to another page where ever the site owner configure it to.

The best part about these ads for the businesses is that they are available at a very affordable price. Setting up the script of these ads is very simple: just a few changes in a few lines, design the advert images of the offer you want your visitor to buy, and that’s it. These peeled ads do not necessarily limited to selling products. Webmasters can use them to highlight special events, boost their subscriptions, feature picture of the day and even rent out the space! The only limit is their imagination. This means that any webmaster or any businesses can utilize these peeled ads for their advertising campaigns.

You may find that there are several similar peeled ads products with the same functions available online. Peel Away Ads, Page Peel Ads, Page Peel Away Ads, Peel Ad Pro, Peel It, and Apeeling Ads are just a few of them. Page Peel Ads and Page Peel Away Ads beat them all in terms of the price of fewer than 10 dollars, making them the most affordable way to advertise for any business.

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