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Paid Customer List On Autopilot?

How do you create a truckload of buyers eager to purchase from you, build a paid customer list on autopilot and keep them for life.

How do you get a truckload of buyers eager to purchase from you. Create a good quality product and price it ridiculously low. This way you will create a truckload of buyers rushing to get your product. This is a powerful way of building a paid customer list on autopilot. You had actually “Over-Delivered” and you will have very high chances of keeping your customers for life. Now, how do you create your own product?When many people hear of product creation, they frown. Basically ‘Product” can be almost anything that you put together that pass on good quality information. It’s not very difficult once you know the methods to do it.

There are many ways to do it, but I will show you 4 of my favorites.

1) Conducting and collecting Interviews.

This is a no-brainer. It is really the quickest method of collecting huge amountof original contents without you writing a single word. You are just gatheringinformation from other’s idea.

2) Resale Rights Packages

This is a popular method of launching a product immediately.But many people are doing it the wrong way and not maximizing their profit potential.

You should actually create RELATED packages that appeal to the sub-market.For example a theme package on website audio or traffic generation only.

Similarly you can use this tactic to create niche packages for sale in a particularniche market. Be creative and think out of the box to package your ownunique collection.

3) Outsourcing product creationThis is a method that I have been using regularly due to my lack of time.I prefer to spend my time “marketing” my product rather then being a “worker”and this allow me to leverage the time and resources of others. You just need towrite down a clear idea about what you need to achieve and let other expertdo the job for you. The basic idea is to let the specialise create the product thatyou wanted and you just concentrate on marketing it.

4) Repackaging of Public Domain material

There are hundreds and thousands of freely available public domain materials you can use on almost any subject that you are interested in. Million dollar business has been created from public domain information, so don’t discount the huge goldmine here.Here are some cool public domains that can let you get started immediately:

Internet Public Library

Project Bartleby

Book Project

Whichever way that you choose to create your product, remember that it must be packed with value. You’ll want to focus on over-delivering upfront to acquire that WOW factor and make it a truly irresistible buy. Make sure your product are so full of value and worth that people felt it was a “steal” at the low price that you sold it. Build your paid customer list on autopilot and keep them for life.

Jaz Lai is an Online Business Entrepreneur. He recently twisted the arms of 2 well-known internet marketers to share with you their secrets on ‘How Little Guys can level the playing field and complete with the Big Guys” Want to know that most effective ways to create your own product, click here

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