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Podcasting And Marketing – Is it effective?

Podcasting RSS Feeds

In the marketing world, each day presents new challenges and new opportunities. In order for you to find success, you must remain on the cutting edge to be sure that your customers are kept constantly abreast of your products and services. A normal day usually starts with a search for answers. More often than not the question is how can I grow my business? How can I gain a larger market share? The answer is pretty simple and everyone in this competitive economy knows for a fact that innovation is crucial for building a customer base that will last.

Podcasting may be the solution to this problem, but there a few questions you should consider. Is podcasting an answer to my marketing needs? Will podcasting be difficult to implement on my website? Let’s take a look at these issues and see if podcasting is the marketing tool for you.

Traditional marketing tools such as radio and television have proven time and again that they are extremely effective in advertising your products and services. Once you have identified your target audience, it’s as simple as choosing the best station to meet your needs. These mediums have a large reach and usually produce great results. The drawback with this approach is the cost and advertising during prime time can be quite expensive. Television and radio still remain the best ways to market your services, but with the advent of mobile computing devices like palm pilots and I-pods, marketing strategies have been rearranged. These web enabled devices are truly revolutionary and they just may be the answer to your marketing needs.

The most amazing part of this innovation is that anyone can do it! Simply stated, podcasting is nothing more than providing audio or video content from your website directly to your customers. Now that the hand held devices have taken off constraining restrictions, pod casts can be viewed on these devices and "podcasting" has become a hot buzz word in marketing industry. .

Podcasting uses an XML based technology called RSS. An RSS file is the most used type of file used for pod casts and consists of date, time, titles, and other information relevant to the pod cast content. The way this works is very simple. Your pod cast content is placed directly on the website, and when users login to receive the RSS feed, your content is moved directly onto the Ipod or other devices automatically. By reaching a larger audience, you can reap the benefits of this innovative and economical communication solution.

There are lots of websites, which currently allow you to podcast. This doesn’t cost a lot of money and the sheer volume of visibility you can gain is relatively high. Pod casting is quickly turning into a viable marketing solution and is an effective way to reach you targeted audience.

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