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PodCasting With Your Phone For Free

A new free web service called Braincast is now making it possible for you to record voice notes using your phone and retrieve them online. This article will show you how to use Braincast to record short messages using Braincast and convert them into an audio file or podcast for your blog or website.

Now, the most important thing to remember in this is that Braincast currently has a message limit of 3 minutes, which means that your audio recordings will be short. For full blown Podcasts that last for more than 3 minutes, this method isn’t the greatest but for short audio clips that accompany other materials on your blog, this method is absolutely great!

Step 1: Join Braincast

Step 2: Setup Braincast to recognize the phone numbers that you will call from. Braincast links your phone number to your account so that everytime you call and leave yourself a message you messages are stored under your specific account.

Step 3: Call the designated number that Braincast assigns you from the phone number that you configured and begin leaving your message. At this point, your message is obviously the audio clip that you want to post the the web later.

Step 4: Once your message is recorded, log into your Braincast account and retrieve the Wav file for your Podcast.

Step 5: Most people want their Podcasts to be in MP3 format, which Braincast is not programmed to do. To convert the file to an MP3 file, I suggest you go to and use the online conversation tool. This site will take any Wav file you give it, process it, and give you back and MP3 file to download.

Step 6: Post your new MP3 file to the web like you normally would. And you’re all done! I haven’t tried other tricks like conference calling the BrainCast recording so that I can interview someone, but there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t work. 3 minutes is short for a PodcastHealth Fitness Articles, but it’s plenty of time to get a message out when on the road or waiting in line at the store. Enjoy!

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