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Powerful Tips for Super Fast Mini Site Profits!

There are many ways to make money from “mini sites”. Mini Site for a general definition usually means a very small site with only a few pages (3 to 10).

However today I am solely concentrating on selling a “single product”. This can be an ebook, piece of software, a service or even simply “list building”.

>>> The Most Important Factor!

The main thrust of any highly profitable mini site is in the planning.

Once this has been achieved “you must see through to the end your action and marketing plan/system.”

I have seen too many times people build sites and products only to quit without going the whole course.

I have a current client with an excellent ebook of which the topic has huge demand and his book is only one of two on the market.

Like he stated; “I have put six months, time, effort and money into this book, I am not going to quit now”.

With a little testing, editing and site marketing, we will have his book selling 500 to 1000% more copies within a month or so.

So don’t get to the 80% point of you work and then quit.

Do a bit more testing, build a better linking campaign, write that pop-up course, launch that press release, do more research, get your sales copy professionally written, have your ebook edited by an expert, get help if you need to.

Plan to Succeed and Succeed by Finishing!

>>> Your Product – Is There Demand?

Simple & quick ways to ascertain if demand for your product or service is present before taking steps to create it.

1. Use Nichebot ( & Word Tracker ( to research your keywords and get an idea of competition.

2. After choosing your keyword/s, do a search on Google and see how many “adwords” (right hand side of the screen) advertisements appear.

Click on these ads to see “exactly what” they are selling. Are they selling a product the same or similar to yours and at what price? Set up an excel file and check the same keywords over a two week period, who’s advert stays and who’s drops off?

It is best to change your Google ‘preferences’ to show 100 search findings to examine the ads more easily.

3. Set up your own free Adwords account ( and see what amounts are being bid for your given keyword.

The next few tasks also help with the above however it will help you deicide whether there is an exact need for your own product.

1. Do a search for your keywords on Overture ( Under the top search result click on “sponsored linking” and then click the “view bids tool”.

This will give you the prices of all bids. In general a higher price means that there is much competition and demand for that keyword and product.

Click on a few these links to see exactly what is being sold.

2. Start asking questions on forums associated with your business and product. Does anyone own similar products, what was good about the product or bad, improvements that could be made and so on?

3. Get a survey done.

4. Write a short email course, set-up a website and get traffic to the site using Adwords. At the end of the course get subscribers to fill out a survey stating whether they would find your new product useful and if they would purchase it.

>>> Product – Service Production

This is part is straight forward really. Being that it’s your own product, you should already know how to produce it or least some idea.

I will say that if you are writing an ebook, by far the easiest method is to produce it in Microsoft “word” or similar and then convert it into “Pdf” using Adobe Acrobat 7 (

>>> Setting Up

Again, setting up your website, domain name, etc can be done using


You must split test! This simply means to test different parts of your sales copy, headings, pictures, price that is on your sales page to achieve the highest sales percentages (website hits to sales).

At this stage though you have a choice!

You can split test your product by driving clients to your site using “paid methods” such as Adwords (


You can start building traffic to your site and then test with free traffic.


The best option, do both at the same time!

Here are two split testers, one simple (free) and one advanced (paid)

Let me make this very clear. Testing can and does make & break many businesses!

Fail to test and your business can under or you could be loosing $10,000′s lost revenue every year. Do not fail to test.

>>> Marketing Your Mini Site

On of the best ways to market your own product is with an affiliate program. You can have hundreds if not thousands of people advertising your product or service all over the net for free.

Here are several top affiliate services currently on the market: (Commission Junction)

At this stage we get into the nuts and bolts of web traffic and marketing however as much of this is similar for some sites I will cover web traffic methods in detail in the following section.

>>> Planning & Your Budget

After completing your research you should plan you whole business campaign and prepare and research a budget.

What will you do yourself and what will you outsource? Items to think about are:

Web Design
Sales Copy
Affiliate Setup
Accepting Payments
Download Area (If an online product)
Marketing & Web Traffic

If you are a small business much of this can be handled by a staff member to set up or organize. If a solopreneur the same can be done.

>>> Sales copy – a word of warning!

If you have no sales copy experience, you will improve with time spent online.

Even so, although I have many years of experience I still outsource my major copy writing needs. Copy writing is a highly acquired skill and while good copy will make you a lot of money, bad copy will…….

So bottom line. If you have no skill in copy writing, outsource it.

>>> That’s it! Start you marketing campaign and watch the profits flood in!

To find out more visit – Web Traffic Tools or Higher Search Engine Rankings

Chris Taylor – writer, author, internet marketer & SEO specialist. Copyright © CATDynamics 2005.

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