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Principles of Creating A Good business Website


fact it needs to perform many functions. Your business website is your office on the web where you will do your business.  It’s got to be a store front, reception and sales person… everything. Therefore, your website should look professional and well done.

Your business website is your office on the web where you will do your business. In fact it needs to perform many functions. It’s got to be store front, reception and salesperson everything. It would become reflection of your business, the quality of your product, and your brand. Therefore, your website should look professional and well done. It does not need to be fancy, flashy and expensive though.

All that your site requires is a clean design, a simple layout and it should be well-structured and easy to navigate.A simple exercise that would help you to differentiate between good and bad web design is to surf and browse the sites in your niche.There are some websites which would appeal to you and you would like to stay longer. And there would be others which you would like to run away from.You just know when you see a good page, and a bad one.Analyze the pages. Note what you like and what you do not as you surf. Identify the problems and note them down.Take a special note of the big professional websites  are doing.Most of them would have a simple layout!While creating products we had kept into mind people’s needs.

While creating a website we must take into account the surfing habits of people. On the internet, people mostly come to search for information. Most of the information is text based. If a fancy page has no information or substance, it delivers no value. With these things and your research in mind, here are few other important points that you must take into account while planning your website design.   

* Keep page size as small as possible. This can be achieved by using smaller and minimum graphic files i.e. using a small logo, and images only if absolutely necessary.   

* Maintain Consistency throughout the site. Keep the same font throughout. Your website should bear same or similar look throughout the page and every page. Different colored background for every page is kind of unprofessional.   

* Be Generous With White Space. Do not clutter or congest your page. Format your page well. Leave a reasonable amount of margins on each side and center your text. Use line breaks and paragraphs! People scan the web pages rather than reading, therefore splitting your text into paragraphs would let your visitor to absorb more with less effort!   

* Don’t use cute fonts, background and graphics. Do not use fancy animations or effects. Your page should look sincere, straightforward and easy to navigate.Before you publish your page, you should see how does your page actually look in the the web browser. You should at least see your page in internet ExplorerFree Articles, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox.Use these principles and you would create good web pages.

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